Dec 152015

Painted the first miniature in half a year a few weeks ago, and thought I should share. That’s what blogs are for, right? It’s a model for the Oldhammer forums annual legacy warband. This year the theme was space pirates, and the only colour restriction was to use turquoise as a splash colour somewhere.

As the deadline drew close, I opted out and figured I wouldn’t participate, but in the end I picked up one of the many primed but unpainted models kicking about in my cabinet. I quite like the model, even if it’s a chunky plastic one, and was a bit sad to send it off. Would’ve liked to keep it, really. The gritty chunks at his feet are remains of the original base I had mounted him on. I cleaned it up more before sending it off to Axiom, who’s organizing the whole thing, but forgot to take new photos.

Kid, repainted "Blaster for hire" Star Wars miniature from WOTC

“Kid”, repainted “Blaster for hire” Star Wars miniature from WOTC

The model comes from Wizards of the Coast’s prepainted Star Wars miniatures range. It’s a Human Blaster-For-Hire from the Bounty Hunters set. I always felt he looked like he was from the budget end of the spectrum, as far as blasters-for-hire go. Maybe an unexperienced local kid, who is set up to try and collect his first bounty but instead of pushing on and getting blasted to smithereens (alas, poor Greedo) he changes sides and join forces with the heroes of the story, finding a purpose in fighting the good fight.

Here’s how the guy looked to begin with. Not very exciting, but a pretty servicable paint job.


For some reason I’m on a Star Wars trip now. Can’t fathom why… More Star Wars soon!

Mar 062015

It’s been a while since I posted progress on my lizard Raizze models from Lancer Miniatures. I still think they’re a bit rough, but they’re still fun models and I recommend them to anyone! At just a little above a quid a pop they’re as much a bargain as you’ll get these days. Since last time, I’ve painted a few more. Here are the last two – a regular trooper and one with a support weapon of some sort. I think I have 6 or so to go for a full squad, plus another 5 or so for mercenary duties. Probably won’t post more on them until the full squad is done.



And to prove my point from a few posts ago, here’s a shot of the current Raizze force giving three charging war apes what for.


Feb 282015

I finally managed to dislodge my thumb from my arse and got on with painting this dwarf for an online buddy with whom I traded painting service for lead.

Dwarf prospector, painted for thebinmann

Dwarf prospector, painted for thebinmann

It’s yet another dwarf adventurer by the Perry brothers, so old vintage Citadel. I really struggled with getting started on this guy but once I got dug in it nearly painted itself. I must say I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m a bit sad to see it go.

I said this would be my last commission piece I paint for someone, but I’m afraid I might get suckered in again with another possible offer of some desirable lead. Sheesh, I’m like a magpie with lead. Just can’t say no.

Here’s a photo of the guy above together with his mate, fighting off a few vicious tomb guardians.


Feb 232015

I’ve painted another model for the I’ve never painted a… before club over on the Oldhammer forums. Actually, I painted three – but here’s the first one of three war apes.

War Ape, from WOTC

War Ape, from WOTC


I’ve had these guys for yonks, and always liked the sculpt but abhorred the original paintjob. I have a tray of DDM prepaints that I’ve rebased and I’m going to repaint at some point or other. These guys were on it. Now they’re painted, in the cupboard, with only a few measly hours on them all in all. The paintjob was very quick; it’s just a base coat that have been drybrushed up and washed over with a final highlighting drybrush on top of that. Still looks so much better than the original.

Left; my repaint. Right: Original WOTC paintjob

Left; my repaint. Right: Original WOTC paintjob


As I mentioned, I did two more. Here’s a shot of all three. I went with slightly different base coats and highlights on each, since they’re already identically posed. As you’ll see in my coming posts, these guys will fit just as well in a fantasy setting as in a scifi game.



Nov 302014

I have painted very little and been generally non-hobby the last few months. I don’t expect it to change, but at least it’s not bugging me. I hope you’re ok with it too, Internet.

A while ago I backed a Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures that ended on October 4. I received the miniatures two weeks later and today I’m posting a pic of a painted model. The fastest turnaround ever for me! All the lizards are primed and good to go and the test piece below was painted very quickly. I’m keeping the standards fairly low as these are rank and file of a unit of henchmen and random antagonists.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.


I’ll paint a squad of 12 of these. I’m alternating skin tones and scale tones slightly, but they’ll be orange and green. I figured I wouldn’t get many chances of painting orange skinned people any time soon. I did contemplate blue, but wanted something a little brighter. The armour plates, straps and gun were all painted the same colour and highlighted only once. It does look a bit bland, I’m not completely comfortable with it but think it’s good enough.

After painting this squad, I’ll have five left-over guys that I’ll have fun with painting in different colours to be used as fillers and backup for small warbands.

The sculpts were ok, but the casts rather rough in places. I tried getting rid of all the mold lines but did not succeed.This guy is nowhere near as bad as the worst examples. The sculpts are a bit awkward in places and have a few hard to reach areas that are really hard to paint but clearly visible so they MUST be painted. Still, they are cheap and fairly unique and most of all – Kieven of Lancer Minis is a great guy to deal with so I can only recommend these! Head on over to Lancer Miniatures and get some! There are even fantasy equivalents.