Feb 142013

Short Willy and Nimbleroot the Unfortunate is a pair of adventurers currently working for Konstipah Ted in his endeavours to clean out the dungeons below Nost-Óul Towers. For some reason, these guys just can’t seem to catch a break – but they are always lucky enough to escape with their lives intact. Most recently, they had a run in with old Fatgit Rumblegut.

“Hurry up with that lockpick!”


The miniatures were painted early 2012, for the first round of the LPL. I haven’t gotten around to posting these profiles until now though. There are no lengthy bios for these guys, as they are minor characters. I think their names, profiles and looks speak for themselves. Willy is a Perry twins dwarf (Citadel) while Nimbleroot is a wood elf wardancer by Jes Goodwin (also Citadel).

Short Willy – Dwarf Warrior (26 pts) Quality 3+, Combat 3. Coward.

The shield is sort of a stylized dwarf face, but Willy (being Willy) is holding it upside down so instead of a beard it turned into an afro. It didn’t turn out very well, I’m afraid.


Nimbleroot the Unfortunate – Elf Thief (33 pts) Quality 2+, Combat 3. Stealth, Blundering.


A new special rule for Nimbleroot. I’m hoping it’ll work well in games, but who knows – I might change it a bit.

Blundering (-5 pts)
A Blundering model will fall over when rolling two or more failed activation dice.

Jun 092012

It was a while since the Lead Painters League finished, but I thought I’d do a review of my performance. First things first though, here’s a photo of all the stuff I painted for the LPL.


I entered new teams for six of ten rounds, with one of them (LOTR theme round 5) being a double team entry, so that’s 35 miniatures. Not too bad, last LPL I did 5 (five) new models! It’s a bit off the mark though, I was aiming for 10 teams of 60 miniatures in total.

The first few rounds went really well, but after rising in the leaderboard I was semi-randomly matched with top dogs the remaining rounds and suffered badly from that. After round 7 I didn’t submit any new teams either, which hardly helped.

Highest position achieved was #5 after round 6. I ended up at #22 (of 46 participants) with 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. I’m happy with the results but not so happy with my own output. I mean, painting 35 miniatures in that short a time span is unheard of for me – but I was hoping to get more done as I really had the time. I ran out of steam and motivation though.

I’m not sure I’ll participate next year. If I do, I need to tuck away some teams already or I won’t be able to keep up. I don’t think I will though. While motivating it’s also terribly constricting. What I disliked most was how I had to rush some miniatures that I have been looking forward to paint for a long time. If I enter next year, it’ll probably be with a smaller scale project where the painting time for each miniature is a little lesser. Maybe 15mm post apocalypse from Khurasan… Hm. Or those HOTT armies I’ve got kicking about consisting of Splintered Lights minis.

Jun 072012

This is the team I entered in LPL6 round 7. Sort of rushed like, to meet the deadline – but they still came out OK. How hard can it be to paint skeletons, really? It took a right beating in the arse from Chambers.

Chuck 'em thata way, lads!

The main part of the team is the old Skull Chucker by Aly Morrison. It’s actually one of the first lot of miniatures I received after getting back into the whole vintage lead malarkey and have been stood assembled and undercoated since late april 2010. Feels good to have them painted up and ready for a future Stillburg scenario (the one after the next).

The crew is joined by Renzo Avanti, champion of RRD2 – Mordini’s Nightmare Legion. Sculpted by one Perry or another. That leaves me a musician, a standard bearer and about 10 more troopers to complete my own Nightmare Legion.


Apr 112012

This is my entry for round 5 in the LAF painting competition Lead Painters League. The round was Tolkien themed, and together with most other participants I went for a Lord of the Rings inspired entry.

Rather soon, they will have the little ones...

The scene depicts the battle at Amon Hen, where the fellowship is broken up; Boromir dies, Frodo and Sam go cayaking and Merry and Pippin get shanghaied. For the fellowship miniatures, I used the BME1 Fellowship boxed set. I’ve got the complete set (and box) but haven’t painted Gandalf, Frodo, Sam and Bill the pony. Might get around to it eventually. Frodo and Sam are a bit dull though. Maybe for the next LPL? For Uruk Hai, I have used one of the regular ME-44 Uruk Hai, but mostly I used the alternate range sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I really like those sculpts, especially the faces. As we don’t game LOTR, I’ll be using these as “red orcs” for dungeon crawling and random encounters. Got a sizeable collection of them, but I’m still missing a few.

I managed to score another win with this entry, which has garnered me the rather absurd position of #6 in the leaderboards. Sheer luck, as I haven’t had to face any of the big names yet. The current round is going my way too, even though I had to enter a replacement team. I’ve got a new team ready for round 7, and I’m more or less halfway there with my round 10 entry. I have been cleaning and prepping my teams for round 8 and 9 but they are yet to be primed.

Apr 042012

Here’s my entry from round 4 in the LPL at LAF. The team itself is the group of five zombies in the center. The rest are just dressing.

Stillburg overrun!

Took some tinkering before I got a picture I was satisfied with but I think it paid off in the long run. Most of our old mates from Stillburg are in it, and all the zombies I’ve painted to date (23 counting the big fellow). Unfortunately, I was facing one of my oldschool Citadel buddies Pil and he was also doing some undead. I wasn’t sure where this would go, as I thought his photo was really good. I did manage to score a rather solid win though. Too bad it was at a mate’s expense.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm zombie..."

Here’s the photo I used for the inset close ups on my entry. Thought it was rather nice, but my wife insisted I should go with the other – and I suppose she was right. Anyways, from left to right we have the following: A plastic zombie from my old Hero Quest set, a C18 zombie by Kev Adams that I’ve “repaired” (his ankles were almost snapped off) with an excessive amount of greenstuff (he’s now wearing flared trousers), a repainted plastic Zombie Hulk from Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Miniatures range (Savage Encounters set), another C18 zombie with a head swap (second time I got this mini for free from Paul/cheetor/Sho3box) and finally another of the plastic Hero Quest zombies (only two in the box, so I can check that off).

I’m pleased with how they turned out, even if it was a bit of a rush to get them done in time for the deadline. It’s actually the worst aspect of the LPL; you might have to rush through miniatures you’ve been longing to paint for a long time. On the other hand, you get things bloody done! I’ve painted about 40 miniatures so far this year. It’s currently week 14, so I’m quite ahead of schedule to reach my goal of one miniature per week. Yay me, huzzah and so forth.