Mar 282012

I suspect the header for this post will test my anti comment spam protection to the utmost… oh well.

I recently finished off a large batch of stripping and figured I’d post the pic here for your perusal. As always, large batches of lead are something I love ogling. Let me know if you think these posts are craptacular.

Lead, lead - glorious lead!

Virtual jaffa cakes and interwebs props to anyone who can correctly identify all the junk here. =)

Also want to take this opportunity to push a mate’s blog a bit. I got to know Anatoli through LAF and it turned out we live in the same little tiny town. Thusly games have been played, albeit not as verily as one might prefer. Forsooth! Anatoli have done a few battle reports on his blog, and of particular interest for the stalkers of my internet persona are these two:
Blood Bowl game, orcs vs humans
Brink of Battle game, indians vs schmindians in a french indian wars setting

He’s a tad more active with his postings than I am, so head on over and make yourself a follower.

Speaking of Brink of Battle… Bob “Faust23” Faust recently released his quite interesting rule system Brink of Battle. I really liked the flow of the game and look forward to play more. In particular I’m interested in the campaign rules (we haven’t touched them yet) and the upcoming fantasy and scifi expansions. You should check it out!