Apr 252010

Well, the header for this post is actually lying. Apart from attending a birthday dinner, spending a full day out shopping with the Mrs and pulling out some weeds in the garden – I’ve also managed to paint up my first two skeletons for the Song of Stillburg campaign! Oh joy, etc and so forth…

These are regular rank and file troops for now. If I get enough skellies painted up before we play, the guy with the helmet and red cloak might be promoted to hero, or atleast upgraded with heavy armour stats. I digress… two more pics. Click the thumbnails to see a bigger version!

If you’re wondering about the differently coloured bases, I’m looking for input on which colour to use. I’m leaning towards the light brown of the skeleton with the red cloak. Would have to repaint the edges of a few bases, but that’s not a problem. Let me know if you don’t agree and prefer the light tan of the previous posts, or the darker one of the skelton above with the spear.

Anyways, I have more this time! First, a shot of what’s coming next.

The two skeletons mounted on thread rolls are what I’m working on at the time. I also have a casualty miniature which will be used in the first or second Stillburg scenario as an objective marker. It’s old farmer Crabcocks wounded son, Billy Crabcock. Once those are finished and if nothing else have arrived, I’ll get cracking on the skullchucker and crew. However, I hope more of our intrepid heroes will arrive soon.

In addition to the fantasy stuff, I also finished up some of the pre-painted EM4 minis I was talking about earlier:

They look pretty good, but I’ll touch up the eyes at some point. Not now though, when I have plenty of bare metal to paint! Speaking of that, here’s a group shot of Fredrik’s almost finished gang. I just need to sit down and finish up the one-eyed lady to the right and they’re good to go!

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