Apr 192010

Still haven’t received the remaining miniatures I need for my Song of the Stillburg Heroes campaign. Thus, I had to find something else in the lead pile. Found this rather excellent old minotaur (or Giant Beastman from the Death on the Reik scenario).

Fatgit Rumblegut – Minotaur. Quality 3+, Combat 3. Big, Greedy, Savage.
Scourge of all pantries in the Stillburg region and a right fat bastard, Fatgit prowls the woods and roads leading to Stillburg for food and loot. With his small stature (in comparison to his racial brethren), glutonous ways and consequential pot belly there’s no doubt he’s got a little halfling in him… in more than one way! Nobody dares think of which side of the family the tusks come from.

No idea where to use him, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find some way to squeeze him into the plot of the campaign. The backstory for him might be re-written as I find a purpose for him. As it is now, he could work great for a Prowling Marauder – or maybe as a side quest or somehting. Imagine the riches in his lair, a warband who gains access to that would surely be able to upgrade a thing or two.

As the minis I’m waiting for still haven’t arrived, I’ve started to assemble and prepare an old Skullchucker (and crew of three skeletons) which I’ll use in a later scenario. I’ve also based up a few of the prepainted EM4 miniatures to go with our Mutants & Death Ray Guns gangs.

I’ll wrap things up today with another pic of the old Fatgit, charging Raab from my previous post. Gives you an idea of his size. The bases are identical, don’t let the perspective fool you!

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