Jun 262013

Finally finished the first 11 chaps for my Blood Bowl Chaos team, with the addition of another four beastmen. Once again, I did the skin and fur in unique shades and I’m hoping to have all 11 beastmen in slightly different tones when the whole team is done. While the models are rather dull, they paint up easily. This brings my painted total for 2013 up to an astounding… 11! Yes. I’m definitely behind on my plan to paint one model a week. Need to do more painting and posting to bring the total up!

Beastmen. Yup… Still struggling with the focus, sorry about the fuzzy photo.


Here’s the whole gang, as they are now. I realized after taking the photos that I had forgotten to paint the numbers on the shoulder pads of the four new additions. Still haven’t figured out how to get proper depth of focus on my camera while also getting the light sensitivity and exposure I’d like. Hence the slightly out of focus Chaos Warriors. I’m sure you’ll manage though.

“Young man, there’s no need to feel down!”


I have also been working (a little) on the Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys that I’m doing for the end of July painting challenge over at the Oldhammer forums. Base coat of flesh done on them all. Quite some way to go yet, but the troopers should be rather quick affairs. Nice models though. Too bad my champion is so poorly cast that it can not possibly be a legit cast. I did pay £10-£15 for him so it smarts a bit. Didn’t look too closely upon reception and now a few years later it’s not really time to open a case with eBay. Oh well, I’ll paint him up!

Cell phone photo, pardon the craptitude of it!

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  1. He doesn’t look too badly cast in the photo, phreedh. Nice touch to paint the single-pose orcs in different skin colours, as well. I like your snotling “testers” at the front – very organised!

    Are they a couple of bull centaurs cut down from the old tenderisers in the background, ready for some Bloodbowl? A mate of mine did the same and it turned out very effectively, if a bit pricey on current ebay prices…

    • Cheers Steve! I think you’ll agree he looks a disaster once I show a close up. =)

      Those aren’t bull centaurs, I’m not that flush with cash. =D What you refer to is most likely the unassembled two-part Zynox minotaur.

      • No, not Zynox (I’ve got him in my Allstars team), the spkiy helmeted chaps on the square black bases, just to Zynox’s right in the picture. I thought it was two torso/heads and then separate lower bodies. Looking closer, perhaps they’re pre-big hat chaos dwarfs. Either way, Bloodbowl painting is always fun, as is classic fantasy lead.

        Now, I must take some photos of my recent colouring-in. I’m up to nine this year, so I’m cathcing you up :D

  2. Nice one – you just need to bring them over here for a ass-kicking at the hands of my Dark elves!

    Note to self – must stop buggering about on the computer and get painting my norse unit for the painting challenge…

    • Thanks Steve! It seems I have to undertake some sort of Blood Bowl tour to the British isles (or should I say the Atlantic archipelago to not cause ire in those of Éire) to put an end to these delusiouns you seem to nurture over there.

      I think you’ve earned yourself a little rest with your accomplishment in the LPL. Ended in the top 10 too, that’s not too bad considering the initial (and somewhat unfair) results!

  3. Im in for an Atlantic Archipelago Athletic event. Just no more than two games of Blood Bowl a day please: it fries my worn out brain.

    Its odd to see that old Greaser Geargrinder (and co.) in the background of that photo :)

    The Golden Horns look great. I am planning to paint up some 40k beastmen at some point in the next year or so and I will be very happy if their skin tones look as nice as your guys have: I might grill you for details of paints and techniques used at a later date. It really is worth varying the skin tones on figures like you have, but I rarely have the patience.

    Have you played any games with the Horns yet? I enjoyed playing Chaos in Dungeonbowl far more than I expected. To my surprise I found the Chaos team unsubtley charming to play.

    • I’m actually keeping Greaser as he is, will just rebase him and add him to the pool of Freebooters. I can understand how odd it feels to see your stuff on my desk though. =D I sold a few giants to Rab and when he posted them painted a few weeks later I instantly regretted selling them.

      The mono-tone box photo of the Chaos Allstars always irked me. Having them all exactly the same hue never felt chaotic enough… not to mention the similiarities of the actual models themselves! It was fun mulling over which colours to use. Still have four to decide on though. I’m considering doing one black, but I’m not sure I can paint skin proper black. And now I’m not being politically incorrect, I’m thinking actual jet black. Also want to do one really dark brown. Apart from that I’m starting to run out of ideas. Then I have a big-ass minotaur to do too! No idea yet what colour to paint him…

      I’ve played no Dungeon Bowl games with them, and no Blood Bowl since they were painted! Chaos are fun, but as you say not very subtle. Looking forward to get a game going with them soon! My local Blood Bowl buddy is on parental leave so shouldn’t be too hard to schedule something.

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