Jun 202013

Just a quick post to prove that I’m still around. These are a some of the minis I purchased painted a few years ago from Elysium64, that I’ve just recently got around to rebasing. On the left is a Foundry viking of some kind. Not very exciting model, but nicely painted and useful as a skirmish character or in a band of adventurers. He’s being transfixed by the tunes of a faun’s pipe. The satyr is part of the Talisman range of player pawn replacements released by Citadel in 1986 and sculpted by Aly Morrison.

“No, you’re right… I shan’t crack your skull open with my axe. I shall listen to that wonderful pan flute music you’re playing. Righto.”

Still have a few more from the same batch to rebase, they’re really hard to get off their coins and on to my standard size washers. It’s one of my annual goals to have them all sorted out. Speaking of annual goals, it’s soon time to do a half year review. I’ll wait a little while longer as I have a few things in the pipeline that will affect my current tally of painted miniatures, hopefully my current painting subjects will be done in time.

We’re having a bit of a unit painting challenge (for fun) over at the Oldhammer forums and I’m painting my Harboth’s Black Mountain boys for it. The goal is to have a unit finished by the end of July. I picked the Black Mountain boys as they provide a rather easy target while also being dear to me and finally because they cover a rather large hole in my fantasy monster arsenal. I don’t have any standard orcs painted, only the five uruk I painted up as “red orcs”. Whatever that is.

Whoss oall dis den!?

Finally I’m proud to announce that my son Erik have finished his first model! It’s a classic old plastic human Blood Bowl player from the 2nd edition game box. It has been caked in a nice, thick layer of artist’s acrylics applied with a size 12 brush. Next time, I’ll let him use a slightly smaller brush and regular miniature paints instead. Nevertheless, he’s a proud two and a half year old who heartily exclaims that he painted it whenever he gets hold of the miniature. Right now, it’s the driver of a red Lego tractor.

Painty fun time!

Errrrn, eeeerrrrnnnn, eeeeeeeeern!

I have a few more posts prepared for the near future. Some more stuff that I didn’t paint myself, and then some minis that I actually DID paint myself. Recently, too! Oh, the suspense! Could it be more Blood Bowl? Rather likely.

  9 Responses to “He fauned it quite satyrical”

  1. Hey, Erik looks like he’s already achieved my standard of painting. I’m sure he’ll shortly surpass it. Are you grooming him for Golden Demon?

    Can’t wait to see Harboth and his lads painted up: some iconic minis right there, especially Harboth himself.

    Also, visit my blog to see my recent foray into 15mm fantasy.

    • I’m hoping he’ll pick up a slayer sword for his old man some day. ;) Agree on Harboth, it’s a fantastic mini! I’ll pop over and have a look at your little stuff, thanks for the tip. I’ve kind of not stayed in touch with all the blogs out there the last few months.

  2. Good Tractor noises!

    Looking forward to Harboth’s mob too.

  3. Glad to see your lad is following in his dad’s footsteps! I always thought that human teams deserved a deathroller as well as those stunty shaps :)

    (Nice faun, too!)

  4. I love how Erik holds the brush. More Jackson Pollock than Fraser Gray I suspect :)

    Has Erik decided on a basing technique yet? Or is he planning to go the route of deciding on one approach for a few years, then reconsidering at intervals every couple of years and half rebasing the earlier models before getting distracted and actually ending up with fewer fully finished figures than when he started?

    That seems to be the route chosen by most enthusiasts. Definitely me anyway.

    The satyr is cool. The flesh on the viking looks nice too.

    • It’s a bit surprising to see him paint with his right hand as he’s usually doing all fine motor moves with his left hand. Jury is still out on him being a southpaw or not. Maybe he rolled a 20 on that table and is ambidextrous!

      The actual result is much more Pollock than Gray too… Though he did a great deal of wet blending!

      Basing is still being decided on. If I’d hazard a guess he will be using yoghurt, macaroni and ketchup applied liberally followed by dunking the whole thing in a glass of milk. It’s the fate of many of his toys so far.

      • :D

        While he has undoubtedly had many moments of greatness, quite a bit of John Blanches output appears to have involved the yoghurt/pasta/ketchup/milk technique, so Erik is in good company.

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