Sep 012012

I bought these three minis painted from LeadAsbestos at LAF almost a year ago. Haven’t gotten around to re-base them until now, but here they are. A nice little trio of classic Citadel barbarians. Sculpted by the Perry bros they were part of the Fighters range in the ’88 catalogue. I’m not exactly sure about the rightmost guy, haven’t been able to find him in a catalogue.

Painted by LeadAsbestos

I imagine them being a group of travelling mercenaries, with the red headed girl being the brains of the operation. Will be easy enough to slot into the Stillburg campaign if needed, or they’ll work just as well with my other human adventurer types to make up mercenaries for a pick-up-and-play warband. Once I get some more barbarians from the same range painted up, I might end up with enough of them to do a proper Norse warband. I would like that.


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  1. I’m getting strong notes of Red Sonya blended with a hint of Belit.

    Lovely work and I’m a little green of envy as I’m after female barbarians at the moment for another faction in my Lustrian project…

  2. Then Chris did his painting properly, cause he did indeed paint her up as Red Sonja for his now axed Conan project. Good thing he abandoned it, I really like his paintjobs and they’re highly compatible with mine.

    I want to get more of the bald-with-a-tuft-of-noodles barbarians, there are a few more. They’d make a splendidly coherent warband.

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