Aug 182012

A while ago I mentioned how I’m looking to expand on my plastic dwarf army with some non Citadel additions; the plastic solid cast crossbow dwarfs from EM4 (previously Grenadier’s plastics from their boxed game Fantasy Warriors). Paul of sho3box fame kindly offered to send me a few. I got more than a few though, so thank you very much Paul (once again)! The dwarfs look solid size wise while the orcs are a bit small and will be used as hobgoblins for the poor chaos dwarfs who only would have one troop type available. It all depends on how they paint up though. Expect a review on that soonish.

Too many misters, not enough sisters...

I also got a nice old Puggy Baconbreath (Citadel Blood Bowl star player) in the same shipment. Awesome mini! He’s filling the last halfling position in my Doom Forgers team and once I finish up the clone dwarfs I’m working on now he’s first in the painting queue.

I’ve been busy painting a little recently, but can’t show the stuff just yet. I’ve got an entry done for the Golden Gobbos (including a cheesy write-up and probably highly illegal WHFB3 stat line and special rules) and have finished a few more of my plastic dwarfs. I’ll post them as soon as I’ve got the whole unit done. Next week, probably.

So with these additions and the recent painting, the annual total is now 57 painted – 220 acquired = -163

Good thing the Reaper Bones pledge models won’t land until next year or my annual total would be shot to hell and then some! My painting plan is as follows:

  1. Finish the current unit of dwarfs for WHFB (5 models, all are WIP)
  2. Paint up Puggy in Doom Forgers’ colours (1 model, bare metal)
  3. Finish the rest of the Doom Forgers (9 models, all primed and ready for paint)
  4. Do random small critters, possibly some 18mm stuff – just to get the annual total as low as possible (and because I really feel like painting small scale fantasy). I’ve got a bunch of 28 mm wolves primed and ready for paint for instance. Also have some bats, lesser goblins (ie snotlings) and such to do. Yes, I’m going to use dirty tricks to sort out my annual total.
  5. While doing the above, I’ll also drop in on the Grenadier plastics from time to time.

I’ve rebased some minis I bought painted from people over at LAF and those will be photographed and posted here soon too. It’s been a while since I posted anything painted.

  7 Responses to “This week I have mostly been getting… plastic Fantasy Warriors”

  1. Good old Puggy Baconbreath! Strangely enough last weekend I attended a friend’s birthday party and presented him with Willy Miniatures’ Halfling Captain as a Puggy stand-in.

    Never seen the Grenadier plastics before now (not an oldster, like you), so all-in-all a most elucidating post!

    Oh: can’t wait to see your GG entry. I got mine in on time (unlike everybody else…) and I’m itching to see all the entries.

    • Looking forward to the Gobbos too! No wonder you don’t recognize the models btw, I doubt many people painted them up to any decent standard back in teh days. There are a few articles on EM4’s site where folks have built armies around those models. That’s dedication!

  2. Yay more Doom Forgers – Puggy will fit right in

    Seen those armies on EM4 – loads of conversions and effort gone in there. Very cheap but labour intensive way to build an army.

    Roll on the Gobbo’s – I thought we might see something soon after the deadline so I’m champing at the bit too. The more the merrier though!

    • Yup, the Grenadier plastics are rough. Even rougher than… Heroquest plastics, for instance. Hefty mold lines, a great big venting peg in the back of all the models (look a bit like shield bosses, actually). Plenty of clean up to do on each model. I’m not sure I’ll bother with that part though. I’ll go over the mold lines and cut off the protrusion on the back but won’t “resculpt” or fix things up. The whole idea with these plastics is to keep it quick and dirty. I need to work on my “table top” level. I have a hard time letting go when painting and leave well enough. Next batch I do, I think I’ll finish the basing first and THEN paint. More on that when I showcase my clone dwarfs.

  3. Have you ever had to strip the paint off a plastic miniature yet? I’ve got a bunch of old Warhammer Quest guys I’d like to repaint but they’re covered in a crappy paint job from years and years ago. Any tips would be appreciated!

    • Yeah, I’ve done it a few times with varying results. I’ve tried scrubbing old Blood Bowl second edition with acetone. It worked ok, but the models did get a bit “soft”. Most recently I used my current paint stripper “ColourOff” (I’ve posted about it earlier). It worked well with plastics, but I forgot about an old plastic elf and it turned to goop. AFAIK Dettol is your best bet, alas it’s not readily available in Sweden. There are a few import shops carrying it, but it’s highly individual.

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