Feb 102012

Yep, slim pickings this week. Two measly zombies in my mailbox, that’s it. Got them for free from Paul over at Sho3box, cheers mate! They’ll substitute some allready painted fellows in the next Stillburg scenario. They’re C18 zombies by Kev Adams, but with headswaps – and an extra head. Allready have the original two models in my throng of life challenged lads so some variation won’t hurt!

On the painting front things have moved ahead for sure! I now have two entries for the LPL fully finished, and I’ve also completed one of ten models for the fifth bonus round. I’m ahead of schedule – if ever so slightly. If I get some painting time this weekend I can really get ahead.

So, total tally for this week is: 20 painted – 89 acquired = -69!

Going in the right direction here!

This will probably be the last post in this blog engine, by the way – I’ve installed and tested a wordpress installation on the side here and it seems to work fine for my needs. Stay put for some major changes!

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