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With 2011 over and done with, what am I looking forward to in this new year? Let’s first have a run-down of the projects that I might spend time on.

Songs of Stillburg
We have played three scenarios in the Stillburg campaign so far. I have the next one properly written up, and I’m making progress painting zombies (of which there will be a lot!) but I still have some way to go before the miniatures for all planned scenarios are painted.

Here’s a list of what I’ve got to do.
1 x Necromancer Apprentice (Talisman necromancer)
2 x Zombie Lieutenants (Armoured and shield toting zombies)
10 x Zombies (If possible I’ll ditch the Morley zombies and replace them with Adams/Olley ones)
1 x Skeleton Captain (Robed skeleton)
1 x Catapult
3 x Skeleton Crew
4 x Ghouls (Got one old ghoul, the Talisman ghoul and will resort to using 90s ghouls for the rest if I can’t source more vintage ghouls)
1 x Skeleton Captain (Mordini champion)
1 x Skeleton Hero (Krell, of Lichemaster fame)
1 x Zombie Hulk (That’s a plastic pre-painted D&D miniature I’ll re-paint)
1 x Necromancer (Actually a chaos sorcerer, but I wanted something imposing for the end boss)
2 x Wights (Using new-ish Grave Guard, if I can find cool oldschool wights I might use them instead… but I like these guys)
1 x Ghost (Using an old wraith)

I’ve got most of the terrain I need for all scenarios, but for one particular scenario I would love to have scratchbuilt a wizard’s tower. Standard fare Pringles tube construction and all. Maybe a bit too 90s and not enough 80s, but I’ll take my chances.

The last scenario will be a dungeon crawl, where I’ll most likely will use the Song of Gold and Darkness supplement. I’ve got Dave King’s dungeon floor plans printed out and would have to mount and cut them before we could play, but I have all the things I need for that.

I also have a bunch of “good guys” that I can finish at my leisure. The heroes really miss having a magic user, so I have one Aygar Mistlethaine half done.

Re-basing painted miniatures I’ve purchased
I’ve got a handfull of various miniatures I bought painted together with the spartans (or Elisiams, as I prefer to call them). They need to be rebased and finished up (a few of them had little dents and dings). Some are actually scheduled for use as civilians in Stillburg in scenario 4, so I will prioritize them highly.

Dungeon Bowl
I’ve had a hankering for some Blood Bowl the last few years. Last time I played was four years ago, and I really think it’s time to get back to it. To make things a bit more interesting, I’m creating mixed race teams based on the ten example teams illustrated on the old Dungeon Bowl box. I will also make a new Dungeon Bowl pitch from Dave King’s free dungeon tiles.

Star Wars
A long-time wish have been to set up a simple game of Flying Lead using Star Wars Miniatures pre-painted plastics. One goal for 2012 is to create two warband lists and have a trial game with two small forces battling it out. Standard imperial and rebel troops, no jedi or other silly business. Biggest hurdle is I’ve never actually read the rules or played the game. I’ve got the minis and I have a set of suggested point costs for the troopers, so it’s just a matter of getting stuck in!

Olley vs Olley
When painting the three red cap goblins, I did a sneaky start on a little side project of SOBH I’ve got planned. It’s probably the lowest priority of all I’ve got brewing. Basically, I want to pit a warband of Olley goblins (with pointy, red hats – ie evil little gnomes) versus a bunch of Olley’s antropomorphic animals from Splintered Lands. I would need a handfull of goblins for it, but otherwise I’m all set. I might try out a different ruleset with this project; Skulldred or Faust23’s upcoming skirmish battle system which sounds quite promising.

They look rather little and cute next to the Citadel gobbos they’ll be facing!

Dungeon Crawl
I love Warhammer Quest, but think it’s a bit too random and also don’t care much for the miniature placement and battle system. Wouldn’t mind doing my own dungeon crawl using aforementioned floor plans and either Song of Gold and Darkness or Labyrinth Lord for an engine. I’m well tempted by Labyrinth Lord I must say. Apart from picking rules and create dungeon tiles, I also want furniture. Good thing I got it… alas, it’s unpainted!

HOTT / Songs of Armies and Hordes
Yeah, there’s that project too… I’ve got a full HOTT army each for dwarves and for goblins. I’ve got the element bases needed. Now I just need time and an opponent. This is definitely a back burner project. If Song of Armies and Hordes from Ganesha turns out to be nice I’ll probably abandon the obtuse HOTT system and go for SOAH instead. I don’t think much will happen on this project during the year. The minis will continue languishing unpainted in their shirt-box!

Mutants and Death Ray Guns
I bought a load of EM4 miniatures in 2009. Plan was to use them for MDRG-warbands. After recently seeing the new releases from Khurasan Miniatures, I decided to move the post-apocalyptic and sci-fi setting to 15mm scale instead. As of now, I have no miniatures and no real motivation (except the “Oooh, shiny!”-factor) going for this project. It’s on the back burner. I’ll try to get a few packs of minis to paint up as test pieces. 10 miniatures will do just fine.

Regiments of Renown
Apart from the Mordini’s Nightmare Legion miniatures I’m using in the Stillburg crampaign I’m not planning on painting any Regiments of Renown in particular this year. If I find the time and inclination, I do have a complete Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys primed and ready to go though. If I find myself with some extra money, I might comission a regiment or two. Most likely, that would be Knights of the Cleansing Flame and/or Golfag’s (other) Regiment of Mercenary Ogres.

More cardboard buildings
Need a few more houses for Stillburg itself. I’ve got a few cardboard buildings from Citadel Townscapes to complete, as well as a bunch of sheets I bought from Svennn at LAF. In addition, I have a few pieces in old White Dwarf as well as one or two from my (incomplete at purchase) Blood On The Streets box.

Larger playing surface
We currently play on a 100×100 cm surface split in four sections (for ease of storage). I’m contemplating getting either one more sheet of insulation foam and doing two more of these (which were a bit of a hassle and didn’t turn out all that awesome) or just get a 4×6 mat from Zuzzy. Decisions decisions. Another option is 100×100 cm MDF sheets that I just texture and paint green.

A miniature a week!
If I fullfill any one of the above goals, I’m well on the way to my over-all goal of completing at least 52 miniatures from my lead mountain. If I buy ready painted miniatures, they do not count towards this. Comissions on miniatures from my lead mountain do, though.

So, the actual priority list looks like this:
1. Finish scenario 4 for Stillburg.
2. Write up battle reports for scenarios 2 and 3 of the Stillburg campaign.
3. Get a starting team done for Dungeon Bowl.
4. Stat up two Star Wars warbands and read the rules for Flying Lead a few times.
5. Get another starting team done for Dungeon Bowl.
6. Base up allready painted miniatures.

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy and I’m sure my fickle attention will veer elsewhere. It doesn’t matter much – but I find it at least slightly motivational to state my goals. If I achieve those above, I’ll be extremely pleased with 2012 from a hobby perspective!

Onwards and upwards, volles Kraft voraus and stoke me a clipper; I’ll be back for christmas!

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