Jul 292011

Thought I’d just do a quick post with some pictures of the Amera terrain I’ve finished up so far. I’m really happy with the purchases, but haven’t had the opportunity to use any of it in a game so far. It’s been a very long time since I did any gaming at all, not counting the odd session of Small World with the Mrs, or when we played 7 Wonders (yay!) and Drakon (meh…) last friday when we were over for dinner with some friends. Hopefully this will change as I’m off on vacation starting monday, and won’t return to work until december at the earliest as I’ll also enjoy a few months of parental leave with our boy.

Here’s a Small Hill, a Ruined Wall and one part of the three part Scenery Set, all available in Amera’s Fantasy Realms section. Will have to revisit the edges of the small hill with some more flock. Also, for the next two wall sections I’ll remove the raised “base” and place them on a strip of masonite to lower the profile a bit. Here are a few close-ups.

I still can’t get over the fact that those walls are a mere £0.65. Great stuff, functional and paints up quickly!

For my next post I’ve got a collection of objective markers I’m very pleased with, together with a short how-to on the creation of them. In addition to that, the 15mm dwarves creeps ever closer to completion. Still not finished with basecoating the last three though. This weekend, I hope.

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  1. Thanks for the great articles on our products! We are wondering if you’d allow us to share on our facebook page, people really like to see reviews, and particularly welcome your permission to share the pictures of the painted scenery, they are really impressive. Facebook page here if you’d wanted to see, and do let us know if we can uses, thanks alot Jane from Amera

    • Hi Jane and thanks for the comment! Sure thing, feel free to use anything you’d like – as long as you link back here. =) I’ve got some pieces half done that I’ll hopefully will be able to finish this summer. I’ve had problems restocking the flock I prefer to use (as can be seen on the small hill, it didn’t turn out as I had hoped at all). Thanks for some great product, I’ve really enjoyed working with them!

  2. thanks so much for permission and kind comments. Of course will refer back ,and am on the case now

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