Mar 202011

Recently got a package from the nice people over at Amera Plastic Mouldings. They make vacuum formed plastic models at VERY low prices. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, and when I realized Steve over at Somewhere the tea’s getting cold is using their terrain, I decided to order a few pieces. This is what I got, for a measly £25 (including shipping from the UK to Sweden).

3 Ruined Walls, 1 Scenery Set (3 pieces to the right), 1 Moorland Hillock

1 Large Hill, 1 Small Hill, 1 Ruined Building

I was very impressed with the sturdyness of the material used. Thought the pieces would be much flimsier, but the plasticard used is thick and very sturdy. Detail is soft, but actually a little sharper than expected.

I did one of the ruined walls yesterday, as a test piece. Very happy with the result, especially considering the price of the piece (£0.65).

I’ll post more pics when I’ve finished more pieces… with miniatures for scale. The ruined wall is about the height of a 28 mm model at its highest point.

Here’s another pic, with some minis for scale. Unfortunately the photo turned out a bit crap but it serves its purpose. Duncan the paladin is standing on one of the pieces from the Scenery Set. Top right piece in the top photo above.

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