Jun 092012

It was a while since the Lead Painters League finished, but I thought I’d do a review of my performance. First things first though, here’s a photo of all the stuff I painted for the LPL.


I entered new teams for six of ten rounds, with one of them (LOTR theme round 5) being a double team entry, so that’s 35 miniatures. Not too bad, last LPL I did 5 (five) new models! It’s a bit off the mark though, I was aiming for 10 teams of 60 miniatures in total.

The first few rounds went really well, but after rising in the leaderboard I was semi-randomly matched with top dogs the remaining rounds and suffered badly from that. After round 7 I didn’t submit any new teams either, which hardly helped.

Highest position achieved was #5 after round 6. I ended up at #22 (of 46 participants) with 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. I’m happy with the results but not so happy with my own output. I mean, painting 35 miniatures in that short a time span is unheard of for me – but I was hoping to get more done as I really had the time. I ran out of steam and motivation though.

I’m not sure I’ll participate next year. If I do, I need to tuck away some teams already or I won’t be able to keep up. I don’t think I will though. While motivating it’s also terribly constricting. What I disliked most was how I had to rush some miniatures that I have been looking forward to paint for a long time. If I enter next year, it’ll probably be with a smaller scale project where the painting time for each miniature is a little lesser. Maybe 15mm post apocalypse from Khurasan… Hm. Or those HOTT armies I’ve got kicking about consisting of Splintered Lights minis.

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  1. Some cracking entries in there – think my faves were the LOTR Uruks. Great stuff.

    Commiserations on some of those matchups – eyewatering!

    Sorry to hear you may not be competing next time round – I feel your pain though!
    The 15mm stuff sounds interesting – Khurasan’s releases have been catching my eye too but I already have far too much on my plate as usual…

  2. For the last few years I have considered entering the LPL. Every Spring I reach the same conclusions.

    Despite the sense of achievement and camaraderie engendered by the competition, it would turn my hobby into yet another job, and I have enough things on my to-do list. So I watch slightly sadly from the sidelines, knowing that I made the right decision, but feeling left out all the same.

    I can relate to your disappointment after hurrying through some figures that you had been looking forward to painting. I recently painted a couple of figures quickly over a day or two so that they would be ready for a tournament. I entered the competition specifically because I knew that it would force me to get those miniatures painted, but rushing them means that right now all that I can see are the hurried parts of the paint job. Swings and roundabouts.

    Well done for upping your game so much during your second LPL. The classic and characterful Heroquest zombies were the highlight of your stuff for me I think.

    Incidentally, I wouldnt hate seeing you doing some more post-apoc stuff. Fantasy schmantasy ;)

    • Cheers Paul! Yeah, those zombies are really nice and turned out quite allright. My own favourite(s) are the purple/yellow necromancer and the Blood Bowl chaps.

      Post-apoc, eh? I’ll see what I can do about that. Don’t hold your breath though. ;)

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