Aug 222010

Finished painting a mini for the undead forces of the next Stillburg scenario. It’s Mordini; the commander of the old Regiment of Renown Nightmare Legion. Not sure that will be his name in Stillburg, but as I think “Mordini” every time I see him I’m pretty sure I’ll use the name. He’ll serve as a skeleton captain (skeleton warrior with Leader trait).

He’s one of the first minis I acquired in my return to Citadel miniatures this spring. Been looking forward to paint him up, especially since I recently decided to collect and complete a few different Regiments of Renown. So far, I’ve got full sets of Harboth’s Archers, Knights of the Cleansing Flame and Mordini’s Nightmare Legion. Here’s another shot of Mordini with two of his cronies. Pretty rough sculpts by the Perry Twins, but they paint up nice and I’ve got a bunch of them on the boiler now, to use as regular skeleton warriors.

Coming up next, two zombies. Managed to get them half done today, in just an hour or two of painting. Incredibly quick for me!

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