Apr 112012

This is my entry for round 5 in the LAF painting competition Lead Painters League. The round was Tolkien themed, and together with most other participants I went for a Lord of the Rings inspired entry.

Rather soon, they will have the little ones...

The scene depicts the battle at Amon Hen, where the fellowship is broken up; Boromir dies, Frodo and Sam go cayaking and Merry and Pippin get shanghaied. For the fellowship miniatures, I used the BME1 Fellowship boxed set. I’ve got the complete set (and box) but haven’t painted Gandalf, Frodo, Sam and Bill the pony. Might get around to it eventually. Frodo and Sam are a bit dull though. Maybe for the next LPL? For Uruk Hai, I have used one of the regular ME-44 Uruk Hai, but mostly I used the alternate range sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I really like those sculpts, especially the faces. As we don’t game LOTR, I’ll be using these as “red orcs” for dungeon crawling and random encounters. Got a sizeable collection of them, but I’m still missing a few.

I managed to score another win with this entry, which has garnered me the rather absurd position of #6 in the leaderboards. Sheer luck, as I haven’t had to face any of the big names yet. The current round is going my way too, even though I had to enter a replacement team. I’ve got a new team ready for round 7, and I’m more or less halfway there with my round 10 entry. I have been cleaning and prepping my teams for round 8 and 9 but they are yet to be primed.

  5 Responses to “The battle at Amon Hen”

  1. Well done fella – lovely looking Uruk hai – quite tempted to track some down, especially those Jes Goodwin ones.

    Number 6 eh – I hope you’ve taken a screen shot for posterity! Congrats on that although I’d be feeling nervous too about those top tier pairings in the final rounds if they happen this year ;)

  2. Cheers mate, it’s going a bit too well – I’m definitely out of my waters here. I’m sure I’ll get things rammed up my posterior in a few rounds time. =)

  3. Awesome models, and great paint job too!
    Just wanna ask, is not all those Uruk hai models designed by Jes Goodwin?
    Who else did ME-44 Uruk Hai miniatures?

    Keep up the good work/ G

    • Thanks! You’re probably right, the standard issue ME-44 look a lot like their mates in the alternate range. I haven’t seen any sculptor info on the ME range. It’s pretty obvious that some are done by Morrisson though, just look at that long face of Legolas! =)

  4. Thanks for your answer.

    Yes I know that Morrison have done some of the miniatures for this range, also the Perrys too.
    But the Uruk hai miniatures looks so much like the other later ones that I think it could be Jes Goodwin that designed them.
    They fit very well together as you just showed here :)


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