Mar 282012

I suspect the header for this post will test my anti comment spam protection to the utmost… oh well.

I recently finished off a large batch of stripping and figured I’d post the pic here for your perusal. As always, large batches of lead are something I love ogling. Let me know if you think these posts are craptacular.

Lead, lead - glorious lead!

Virtual jaffa cakes and interwebs props to anyone who can correctly identify all the junk here. =)

Also want to take this opportunity to push a mate’s blog a bit. I got to know Anatoli through LAF and it turned out we live in the same little tiny town. Thusly games have been played, albeit not as verily as one might prefer. Forsooth! Anatoli have done a few battle reports on his blog, and of particular interest for the stalkers of my internet persona are these two:
Blood Bowl game, orcs vs humans
Brink of Battle game, indians vs schmindians in a french indian wars setting

He’s a tad more active with his postings than I am, so head on over and make yourself a follower.

Speaking of Brink of Battle… Bob “Faust23” Faust recently released his quite interesting rule system Brink of Battle. I really liked the flow of the game and look forward to play more. In particular I’m interested in the campaign rules (we haven’t touched them yet) and the upcoming fantasy and scifi expansions. You should check it out!

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  1. Wow, I thought my purchases were pretty eclectic, but this really is a random assortment!

    I find I like looking at old lead way more than I should….I think I may need help!

    • Don’t we all need help, mate? =) The randomness is partly due to the extended period of time over which these were purchased. =D Some I got in 2009 (the chaos snake men for instance, and a few of the other chaos stuf). Also, it helps that I have several completeist collections going; 80s orcs, various 80s regiments of renown and a few boxed sets.

      Your comment was accidently stuck in spam filter limbo. I suppose “purchase” is one of those black listed words. Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around some more!

  2. I wouldnt call the posts “craptacular”, but they are of limited interest to me at least. It all depends on whats in the batch I suppose. I like looking at the Blood Bowl figures in this post but the rest dont overlap with my interests terribly much (although I do recognise nearly all of them).

    Stripping a load of figures is satisfying, even if the process is messy and time consuming. You appear to get a much better result than I do. What do you strip the figures with?

    • I use some goop called ColourOff, from AutoSmart ( Don’t know about the UK but here in Sweden their products are not sold on the consumers’ market but rather more business to business like. Franchise resellers travel around to auto repair shops, mechanical workshops, garages and other places where their products might be used and peddle their wares. I just happened upon this at my inlaws’ and was able to buy two bottles through a friend of theirs.

      It’s quite nifty and rather effective. Don’t leave plastics in it for prolonged periods of time though! It’s a hand wash with no extremely funny things in it, it’s more or less harmless (and non-toxic) so it can be treated with less care than say brake fluids or acetone. I use gloves when working with it (or I’d dry out in two seconds) and wash my hands thoroughly afterwards. It disolves gw paints and primers like a dream, and some of the real hard cases I’ve been trying to strip for years are now good as new. Comes highly recommended. I think I mentioned it somewhere on my old blog.

      • Thanks for the info. You definitely mentioned it in your old blog, but I had forgotten.

        ColourOff from AutoSmart is now consigned to memory.

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