Dec 242012

Keeping with tradition I’ve got a post prepared for today. This year, it’s not very seasonal in itself, but nevertheless; Merry Christmas all! Now on with my most juvenile puns so far.

In the run down and half ruined Nost-Óul Towers, the wizard Theodore of Konstipah (locally nicknamed Konstipah Ted)  have recently taken up residence. The towers have been empty for many years prior to Theodore’s moving in and quite a lot of cleaning out have been required by local muscle men and roughnecks. Apparently not all prior residents have moved out of the dungeons below the tower. When asked he claims he moved to the Stillburg area to have some peace and quiet to concentrate on his work, but exactly what the nature of that work is have not been said.

Theodore of Konstipah – Human Wizard (38 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 2. Magic-User.
A wizened old wizard, more interested in lining his own pockets than anything else. He’s not one for bravery, but will not shy away from combat if threatened.

The model is a Citadel scenario model from The Magnificent Sven named Aygar Mistletaine, sculpted by Aly Morrison most likely. I made the colour scheme intentionally gaudy, figuring it would be fitting for a kook of a wizard. No white, grey or black here… The sunburst motif on the back is a bit of a failure though, and repainted several times. This was the best I managed, some of the old attempts were much, much worse.

Old Ted is a notorious treasure hunter and he seems to be one of those wizards who are not motivated by scholarly pursuits and enlightenment in itself, but rather see those as a tool to increase his wealth.


  7 Responses to “Theodore of Konstipah and a merry x-mas!”

  1. Happy holidays Mattias.

    The sunburst looks great from where I am sitting.

  2. A bit late to the party I’m afraid – too many parties over Christmas!

    Anyway belated Season’s Greetings and well done on old Aygar/Theodore – nice work on the sunburst. I seem to remember it giving me some problems too.

  3. Sweet! Excellent paint job Mattias. You gotta love that coat. It really nice to see this take on the ol’ wizard type. I definitely need to get a crack at this model someday soon.

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