Mar 162012

This week I only got one miniature; the minstrel from the old Talisman range of models. Didn’t bother photographing it, as that seemed a bit much (or little, depending on your perspective on it and life in general).

Instead, I’ve got some random old Blood Bowl models I painted up years ago. First out, a third edition skaven gutter runner.

I did this in the early 2000s, as a test for the team colour scheme. Still pretty content with how he looks. The bright yellow base ring is a remnant from my 2nd edition days where player positions were indicated by base colour. Yellow is for catchers. Most modern day players hate colour coded bases. I still like it, but will do the colour coding less blatant on my future Blood Bowl players. I have no more models from the 3rd edition skaven team (sold them off in my mid 2000s lead purge), so he’ll languish in solitude forever.

Next, some pretty special models. The left one is a regular issue 2nd edition Chaos Player #2. To the right is one of Tom Anders’ Chaos Cup specials, which were resculpts and/or recasts (in the most legit sense of the word) of the Chaos All Stars team Phil Lewis did back in the days.

I’m using these both as blitzers in a “counts as” human team. I’ve got all the Chaos Cup figs as well as some nice 2nd edition chaos and human models. I’ll have to rebase these, but will try to stick to the paint scheme for the rest of the team. Hopefully I’ll be able to do them “soon”.

Finally, a little off-pitch token for those Get The Ref results! A 2nd edition dwarf referee.

In 2nd edition Blood Bowl, there were actually rules for an on-pitch referee moving at random and requiring line of sight to spot fouls and other tomfoolery. That went out the window with lots of other cool stuff when the much improved (but less flavourful) 3rd edition was released. I never use this model for anything, but I do quite like it. Painted sometime around 2006 or so.

That’s it for this time. The LPL is proceeding as planned, though I’m losing the current round (with only a few votes!). I’ve had a rough time painting recently so not much work done. Still plugging away on the team for round 5. Will have to do a replacement team for round 4, it seems. The current lead tally is 27 painted – 109 acquired = -82.

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  1. I picked up the third edition Gutter Runners, Stars and mutants for my “Roughnecks” Skaven team. The rest of the team is made from the lovely second ed guys and the old hairy rat ogres. Nostalgia glasses aside, the gutter runners were better than the 2nd ed oven glove catcher figures. The Roughnecks were the team that I got the most fun from playing I think.

    The Phil Lewis Chaos All Star is very cool. I saw those guys in an ‘Eavy Metal in that White Dwarf way back in 1989 but I have never seen any of the figures in person. Nice.

    • Sorry, but… no. Just no. The 3rd Ed Skaven can’t touch the 2nd Ed Skaven with a ten-foot pole-of-Skaven-touching. The Gutter Runners have two things going against them: the silly short towel capes and their tails that somehow seem to stick to the edge of these capes like fleshy hems. In contrast, the 2nd Ed linerats are superb, lots of variety and attention to detail (eyepatches, warpstone charms, even mechanical prosthetics) ,with still enough cohesion to have a uniform looking team. And if someone has an aversion to the oven mitts, a few minutes with a nail file will take care of that problem. Painting the mitts’ padding in a distinctive colour helps to quickly identify the catchers on the field, though.
      Amongst BB players, getting a full team of the 2nd Ed Skaven is kind of a rite of passage; they remain one of the most coveted ranges of ’em all.
      I’ve started work on mine today. Let’s see how long it’ll take me to botch up those fine sculpts…

      • I agree to some extent, Daniel. The 2nd edition Skaven blitzers and linerats are great, and some of the best painted Blood Bowl stuff I’ve seen have been those models. They (like all 2nd edition models) surpass their 3rd edition counterparts by far. I just don’t like the catchers, however wrong that might be. ;) They fit the fluff and style of 2nd edition, but for 3rd edition and forward I really don’t think they fit as gutter runners.

        Keep me posted on your progress with your skaven! Do you have a blog or painting log on a forum somewhere?

        As for quickly identifying positionals, that’s why we all should use the old coloured base ring approach from 2nd edition. =D I’ve done it on all my teams, and will continue to do so for my dungeon bowl teams too. Decided against it on my Doom Forgers prior to photography as they were intended for a non-BB painting competition and I think the different coloured bases would just have confused people.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you mate, the 2nd edition catchers with their 80s karate chop stance and ludicrous oven mitts are just not any good. Never liked the 3rd edition skaven though (no surprise there, eh?) and find the pose of the gutter runners a little too agressive and “bashy”.

    Sadly, my favourite BB figures don’t have a place in current editions. The human helmeted blocker (by Copplestone) is my favourite. I gave one away to Thantsants as a thank you for relaying a parcel and regret it a little now as I realise I could’ve used them as chaos warriors if I do more mixed race teams than the 10 from the Dungeon Bowl box I’ve got assembled. HA! Like I’ll ever finish those 10 teams. =) Then again, there are quite a lot of tasty old Chaos Warriors (like Wormhowl Greyscar or Luthor von Hawkfire or Galmen Goreblade).

    On a completely unrelated note… have you seen the new GW paint names?! =D

    • I spotted the big list of paint names, skimmed it and groaned. I am dreading working out which ones correspond to the most commonly used ones that I like now (the foundation paints and washes basically).

      As we are talking paints, I have decided that I am very unhappy with how I paint red. Even after all these years I dont have a go-to triad or technique for a nice bright but not too gaudy red.

      I am thinking of picking up a Reaper or Foundry triad maybe. I hear good things about P3 stuff too. Do you have suggestions or examples? I might have to start a thread on LAF about it.

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