Oct 172016

The handsome fellows over on the Scale Creep blog invited me to join their Heroquest Hero Quest and I could hardly turn them down. After all, I had already embarked on this journey myself and could use an incitament to revisit the project. A week later, I can offer up a rough looking bog cyclops for your viewing pleasure!


I chose to submit a fimir, because it was… already a work in progress. For me, the hobby is all about cutting corners and reaching results with the least level of effort. I’m a firm believer in “80/20”. Applied to the modeling hobby, one can say a model reaches 80% of the potential result when you’ve spent 20% of the total effort on it. For me, that’s a pretty good spot to stop in. Could I do another level of highlights? A few more glazes? Maybe a free hand pattern? Sure. Would it matter, in the long run? Nope. Instead I can spend the same time finishing another few models to an acceptable level… or browse interwebz forums. At least, it’s better than my old paint jobs from the early 90s.

There’s not much to say about the finished fimir. Gretchin Green base coat, washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with Gretchin Green mixed with Vallejo Pale Flesh and Bronzed Flesh, and another wash of Gryphonne Sepia. The basing used is the same as on all my fantasy models. A 25 mm metal washer, with painted sand and static grass. Simple things!

It’s a bit more traditional in colour scheme than what the godfathers of Fimir (Mr Saturday and Fimm) have used, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I spent some unnecessary effort on the eye. A yellow eye ball with a black pupil would’ve sufficed. Instead I did a white eye ball, black dot, yellow iris and then a black pupil. Doesn’t even show in the photo. Nuts!

Coming up next over at the Creeps’ – Curis, master of elbow painting and sphincter trumpeting! Knock it out the box, Chris!

  4 Responses to “A solitary Heroquest fimir”

  1. Nice work. It’s always good to see these nostalgic pieces executed with a more skilled hand than our first attempts. Now do some of the HQ furniture please!

    • Thanks mate – I agree. It’s also quite rewarding to polish these old turds cause it requires very little effort to get a passable result. Since the models are usually crap, it’s so much easier to just “let go” and lower the bar. Which in the end doesn’t really show much.

      With the Mutant Chronicles models I’m painting right now, I’m lowering it even more to be honest. They’re base coated, washed and then not even highlighted.

      I’ll see what I can do about the furniture. =) I have a rather hefty stash of lead dungeon furniture, so the real HQ furniture will probably not be much more than a basic drybrush job. =D

  2. Are you still active?!

    Love your blog man.

    • Thanks mate – I’m not terribly active but do paint a little from time to time. Haven’t written anything on the blog since… well.. you know… the last post. :D

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