Aug 072010

When trading, it’s nifty to have the want-list handy. Here’s mine – don’t mind it, I’m just putting it here for ease of reference and accessibility.

RR1 – Bugman’s Brewers
1x Musician
1x Champion

RR3 – Grom’s Goblin Guard (type A)
1x Musician
1x Champion
8x Trooper (have eight)

RR5 – Harboth and the Black Mountain Boys
1x Musician

RR9 – Mudat’s Mercenary Half-Orc Maniacs
1x Musician
1x Champion
1x Officer

Orc’s Drift Scenario Models
Osrim Chardz (yeah, right)
Mayor Leofwine
Inn Keeper
Serving Wench
Stable Owner
Store Keeper
Store Keeper’s Wife
Guthrum Mane (also C31 Giant Hill Troll)

BDD1 – D&D Dungeon Adventurers
Treasure Chest

Champion of Khorne, 021915 (Maul)
Chaos Beastman, 022002 (Crested helm, axe, shield)
Chaos Beastman, 022018 (Mallet, shield, helmet)

Heroic Fighters of the Known World
#04 (Sword, shield, winged helmet)
#05 (Mallet, shield, two-horned helmet)
#07 (Sword, shield, silly helmet)
#10 (Two-hand sword, silly helmet)

Citadel Flegler with Flail (074102/3, top left)

Bob Olley Iron Claw goblins

Mega Miniatures
Barbarian Shaman
Dark Wizard
Grey Wizard
Elf Sorceress
Evil Mage
Travelling Wizard
Death by Magic
White Mage

(Stone Golem)
Nightmare Demon (Democratic Monster)
Liche (Wraith)
Skeletal Champion (Skeleton)
Wraith (Ghost)
Ogre Champion (Troll)
(Fire Imp)
Deer Buck (Buck)
(Tree Ent)
Bat SPAWN (Big Black Bat)
Dwarven Mage (Sub-wizard)
Goat x 1 (Scapegoat)
Elven Thief (Elf)
Cat scared (Familiar)
Wizard Mounted (Steed)
Zombie with Leg Bone (Ghoul)
Young Mage (Apprentice)
Master Wizard (Alter Ego)
Rat SPAWN (Rats)
(Firefly x 6)
Vampire Classic (Vampire Form)
Werewolf (Werewolf Form)
Ghost (Ghost Form)
Treasure Chest x 16

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