Jan 172015

Over on LAF there’s a painting club going, with the name (and theme) “It’s Alive!”. I’m resurrecting my thread on the Stillburg project, which is my now stalled fantasy campaign for Song of Blades and Heroes that my cousin and I have played a few games in. It’s actually what I begun with when getting back into miniatures some years ago. With only a handfull miniatures left to call it done, this painting club coincided well with my own plan for a year of cleaning out old half-painted or stalled projects from my shelf of primed lead.

Moan. Groan. Sigh.

Moan. Groan. Sigh.

The first of ten miniatures in the Stillburg backlog is now finished. I went for this ghost (actually a Nighthorrors range Wraith, but never mind) as it fit well with another current painting club, on the Oldhammer forums: I’ve never painted a… before. This is my first attempt at an ethereal model. Not chuffed, but it’ll have to do. Jon from Magpie and Old Lead made a keen observation; the body is that of the Fighters range flagellant (see bottom left in this page).

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  1. Very nice work. I really like your wargaming blog. Its a source of inspiration for Alternative Armies work on re-mastering and molding our classic fantasy range back into production. Keep it up. GBS

    • Thanks Gavin! Funny that you mention it – I was actually perusing your High Fantasy range just yesterday! :) The Demonic Tree and those Orrid Ogres are real corkers!

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