May 232014

Here’s a guy I’ve previously owned, sold, bought again and now finally painted! Commander Skroob is the man in charge of the Empire colony on McKemmler IV and also chief of police in the settlement New Haigts. In this picture he’s accompanied by two Automated Sentient Officers of Law Enforcement, android police manufactured by ArmaSec. Virtually indestructable to anything less than assault weapons, the ASOLEs are armed only with stun-sticks and a short temper. They patrol the streets of the settlements as peace keepers, processing misdemeanors on the spot.

I’m surrounded by Automated Sentient Officers of Law Enforcement!

Skroob is a Metal Magic Spacelords C3706b Trader With Cape, while the ASOLEs are starship crew Security Officers C3720e and C3720f. They were all sculpted by Josef Ochmann and released in the early 90s. Skroob is available from EM4 but seems to have been out of stock for the last few years. If you want one, prod Doug about it and maybe he’ll bring more minis from this great range in production again.

Why didn’t somebody tell me my ass was so big?


I used varnish as an effect for the first time, giving the helmets and armour parts a glossy finish. Worked out alright, I suppose. Oh well, now they’re painted and ready for a game! The photos ate pretty much all attempts at highlighting the black, and the gloss now only looks like a crap varnish. Still, they look kinda cool together and I like them quite a bit even if they all have sausage fingers.

Citizen, pick that up! You have fifteen seconds to comply!

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  1. Ha, ASOLEs indeed! That civilian is going to be regretting his life choices very soon.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking these guys have about as much give in them as the robot officers in Elysium. Thanks for the comment, Peter!

  2. They’re great minis – very RT paint jobs too.

    Loving the name!

    • Cheers Steve and hail Skroob! =) Surprisingly few have noticed (or mentioned) the reference in the paint scheme and naming of things. Oh well, I guess Mel Brooks fans are few and far between these days. I doubt his material have aged well. =D

  3. Great paint-job and always a pleasure to look at how you make a sometimes nondescript looking prepainted miniature stand out.

    It’s nice to read that you like what I did ages ago. Thanks for the compliments. But here I have to correct you with these models. The guy on the left and the one on the right were done by MICHAEL IMMIG, a colleague-sculptor and brilliant modeller . Michael and I worked together on the Space Lord range. He did some sculpting and did an incredible job with the diorama that was shown on the rule-book – Phagon attacking a human refinery. He did most of the heavy wartechs and especially a great job as well on the wartech flyers.

    When I see those pics I am tempted to look for my large heap of Phagon, Sarday’kin, Yoyodine and wartech minis, that are stashed away somewhere in my house. I never liked to paint my own sculpts, but with these pics I’m quite eager to have a go mat it.

    I hope I will see some more of these minis painted by you in the future.

    And I like the fluff you gather around the models you paint – really atmospheric and inspiring. That’s what we did, too, when we developed the setting and the factions of Space Lords and later sat together sculpting the range.

    • Thank you for the comments Josef. To say that I like what you did on Metal Magic would be a bit of an understatement. In particular, I think you did a wonderful job on the fantasy range! I wasn’t aware Michael sculpted those – but I know him since quite a long time from the Lead Adventure Forums. He have provided me with aa few of the more hard to find Metal Magic minis, such as the Guard of the Citadel. I agree, the dioramas he did back then were fantastic!

      There are a few more Hobby Products models painted if you check out this tag:

      And hopefully a lot more to come – I have a sizeable fantasy collection and a few handfulls of Spacelords too. Such a great range!

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