Aug 192014

I painted these for a painting challenge on the Oldhammer Forums. My participation fizzled, but at least I finished three orcs. They’re originally C1039 hobgoblins from Metal Magic, but I wanted to use them as orcs. Nice models and a joy to paint! They are currently available from Midlam Miniatures.

c1039d, c1039a and c1039f

c1039d, c1039a and c1039f – solid blokes all three

I have three more primed and good to go. Hopefully it won’t be too long until they’re painted, but they’re probably not coming near a brush this year as I’m all about them science fictions. I’m thinking next year will be cleanup-themed as my “half painted and/or primed” shelf in the cupboard is currently overflowing.

Click for gargantuan version.

Click for gargantuan version.

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  1. Good Job these are on my buy list.. one of these days lol

  2. Very nice indeed although I bet they still find their fellow cultists avoiding them during ritual orgies and the like ; )

    • You have evidently not fully embraced the rapturous and all inclusive ethos of Slaanesh Thantsants. I reckon these guys have sensation starved, conventionally good looking, multi-limbed, multi-glanded hotties queuing around the Orgasmatron for a bit of rough ;)

      Nice painting Mattias, the flesh looks great.

    • Cheers chaps, much appreciated! As Paul so arousingly described (mmmm… multi-glanded), these guys are in high demand during cult outings. They and their wooden ticklers! :D

      If there’s anything not-so-great about my non-GW Slaanesh warband (except for it not being near completion) it’s the fact that they’re all made up of decidedly male looking minis. Who knows, maybe these three are in fact female?

      Eventually, when the whole lot is done, I’m hoping to scribble a few runes and symbols on the shields for a less tenuous connection to Slaanesh.

      • Well I stand suitably chastised, which if I’m getting into the whole Slaaneshi thing should be a pleasure in itself!

        Must say no one mentioned the ticklers before – now I’m beginning to see their appeal ; )

        If you’re going to have some females in the band Phreedh sounds like you need to go the whole hog and get some in that are multi-glanded!

  3. Hi, great paint work! It’s almost too much with the matching purple lips and clothes – but only almost. These minis really bring back some memories. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more.

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