Nov 302014

I have painted very little and been generally non-hobby the last few months. I don’t expect it to change, but at least it’s not bugging me. I hope you’re ok with it too, Internet.

A while ago I backed a Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures that ended on October 4. I received the miniatures two weeks later and today I’m posting a pic of a painted model. The fastest turnaround ever for me! All the lizards are primed and good to go and the test piece below was painted very quickly. I’m keeping the standards fairly low as these are rank and file of a unit of henchmen and random antagonists.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.


I’ll paint a squad of 12 of these. I’m alternating skin tones and scale tones slightly, but they’ll be orange and green. I figured I wouldn’t get many chances of painting orange skinned people any time soon. I did contemplate blue, but wanted something a little brighter. The armour plates, straps and gun were all painted the same colour and highlighted only once. It does look a bit bland, I’m not completely comfortable with it but think it’s good enough.

After painting this squad, I’ll have five left-over guys that I’ll have fun with painting in different colours to be used as fillers and backup for small warbands.

The sculpts were ok, but the casts rather rough in places. I tried getting rid of all the mold lines but did not succeed.This guy is nowhere near as bad as the worst examples. The sculpts are a bit awkward in places and have a few hard to reach areas that are really hard to paint but clearly visible so they MUST be painted. Still, they are cheap and fairly unique and most of all – Kieven of Lancer Minis is a great guy to deal with so I can only recommend these! Head on over to Lancer Miniatures and get some! There are even fantasy equivalents.