Nov 252012

The last few months have been really slow on the painting front. In an effort to remedy that I decided to go for something I could just motor through. These timber wolves from Blue Moon is a perfect example of that.

Arf arf arf…

I bought the models second hand from Tomsche over on LAF. I’ve had them for a few years and never cared much for the models. With some paint on they’re not too bad though and considering how useful wolves and other animal/critter models are when building warbands for skirmishing, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten to them earlier. I have four more that I haven’t finished yet, but I wanted to get something painted up on the blog this month.


Rather content with how the paint job turned out, as I really did not spend much time and effort on it. I used a method described by Harry in his mammoth thread on Warseer. The whole model is painted in bleached bone, then most of it is washed  with a very, very thin bestial brown. I then paint the upper body gray, increasingly darker until almost black. I drybrush the whole thing with bleached bone (heavily on the lower parts, and then less and less the darker the fur gets). The lighter parts get further highlights with skull white mixed in. The bases are custom cut pill shaped plywood bases from Fenris. I think I spent more time on them than the actual wolves.

Here’s the stat line I’m thinking about using for SOBH: Wolf, Q4+, C2. Animal, Long Move (26 pts)

Sorry about the dodgy photos by the way. I’m trying out a new-ish camera. Got my father in law’s old Nikon D70 as he’s bought something new. I guess I’ll be able to take better pics once I get to grips with it and also get a proper tripod. My old one can’t support this new one.

The total tally for 2012 is now a whopping 70 painted – 254 acquired = -184! I received three figs this week, but forgot to take a photo of them. They’re in the stripping jar now. The only three models I haven’t stripped, by the way! My collection consists now only of bare, primed and based or painted models! Mostly bare metal though. Mostly…

Coming up next, my entry from the last Golden Gobbos. Yeah, I haven’t gotten round to taking a proper pic of him either. I had to finish up these wolves first, as they sort of tie together. I also have a little surprise up my sleeve. Just need pics taken!