Aug 222010

Finished painting a mini for the undead forces of the next Stillburg scenario. It’s Mordini; the commander of the old Regiment of Renown Nightmare Legion. Not sure that will be his name in Stillburg, but as I think “Mordini” every time I see him I’m pretty sure I’ll use the name. He’ll serve as a skeleton captain (skeleton warrior with Leader trait).

He’s one of the first minis I acquired in my return to Citadel miniatures this spring. Been looking forward to paint him up, especially since I recently decided to collect and complete a few different Regiments of Renown. So far, I’ve got full sets of Harboth’s Archers, Knights of the Cleansing Flame and Mordini’s Nightmare Legion. Here’s another shot of Mordini with two of his cronies. Pretty rough sculpts by the Perry Twins, but they paint up nice and I’ve got a bunch of them on the boiler now, to use as regular skeleton warriors.

Coming up next, two zombies. Managed to get them half done today, in just an hour or two of painting. Incredibly quick for me!

Jun 212010

I did it, I finally finished the last undead miniature for the first scenario in the Stillburg campaign! Very happy with that, it’s the first time ever that I’m making this good progress with a miniature painting project!

Enough about me though, and on to the undead lads. First, we have a regular run-of-the-mill skeleton trooper from the Nightmare Legion regiment of renown.

Not much to say about him. He’s very similar to the other guy from the same regiment I painted a while back. No helmet, a ring mail cowl instead. That’s about the only difference. I have the third sculpt too, and a bunch of doubles. Haven’t decided how I’m going to paint Mordini (he’s the leader of the regiment in Warhammer fluff) and the regiment champion in the same colour scheme and possibly also keep a bunch of the standard troopers. A 28 mm skeleton regiment? If that is not a step down the path of doom, I don’t know what is. The remaining troopers are up for sale at the moment though, let me know if you’re interested.

Next is this armoured skeleton which I’m quite fond of. It turned out well and was very nice to paint. The shield is a bit naff, and looks too clean but as discussed on the LAF, I just don’t have the heart to dirty up my minis.

I’m in two minds on how to treat these heavily armoured skeletons. I think I should do some sort of “elite troops” type of profile for SOBH, but for now they’ll be used as regular skeletons the lot of them. If I ever paint up the remaining Legion troopers, they’ll serve as lame skeletons and the armoured guys will be a bit beefed up.

Here’s another of the armoured ones. The miniature was severely beat up, so much that I despaired at the beginning when I started painting him. After initial problems, I decided to do a full metallic scheme on his armour and things turned a lot easier. Turned out OK, but lack of definition and soft edges was a bit of a problem.

This here is probably my favourite skeleton! The poor unfortunate sod have a spear piercing his torso diagonally – how’s that for bad luck! I will most likely shed a (very small and manly) tear when he dies… again! I’m satisfied with the shield too, the “gradient” turned out nice. I wonder if GW still produces that chestnut wash. It’s awesome!

Finally we have the last zombie in my painting queue for a little while. I’m painting more zombies for the next scenario, but more on that in another post. This guy is (as all other undead minis) an old Citadel guy from the 80s. I got it as a wedding present from Paul over at LAF and Sho3box, so naturally I named the zombie… Steve. No, Paul. It’s Paul the zombie. A bit of a rushed job as I was hurrying to meet my weekly quota, but I think he turned out pretty well. A little paler than the previous zombie, more purple wash (ie bruising) and less definition in the shadows. I’m satisfied with him though – especially the eye, even if it’s missing an iris.

I like to say that he’s one half-assed zombie. Ha!

So, here are some group shots of the whole big happy undead family. I’m very satisfied with how they turned out, save for one thing: That blue archer. He doesn’t belong. As soon as I have the will to paint up a replacement, he’s gone!

That’s it then. Now, I’m on to painting up the heroes of Stillburg. Currently working on Duncan Sandels, the knight templar protector of Brother Wendel. He’s turning out quite well, and it’s been fun painting humans again!

Until next time, have a nEYEce day and thanks for POPPING by for a LOOK… heh. Puns. I’m a riot!

May 242010

So, a new mile stone hit in the Stillburg project! Two of three zombies are finished, and I’ve painted a new type of mini for the first time.

I’m pretty content with how these turned out. I’ve been trying to give them the “resurrected corpse” look rather than the “infected” type zombie look. Hence the lack of gore splashes. For that, I recommend Paul’s blog Sho3box.

Here’s a shot of the front and backs:

My biggest gripe is that the skin colour is too close to the shirt of the unarmed zombie to the right. It doesn’t look exactly similar in real life, but very close. In photos, there’s no difference. I have one more zombie to paint for Stillburg as it is right now and I’ll try a different approach to the skin. On these I painted the white base coat with Rotting Flesh, which was then washed with a purpler wash and then a thinned out black wash. Highlights on that were plain Rotting Flesh in thin layers, with a touch of bleached bone at the end. On my next zombie, I’ll do a regular human flesh base coat but highlighting it with thinned Rotting Flesh.

Here’s a final close-up of the two chaps. They want huggies!

So, let’s do a tally of where I’m at with painting the first scenario for Stillburg. Of the undead, I have 9 of 14 painted! One zombie and four more skeletons to go. Not too bad! The adventurers are worse off though. Only 1 of 8 are painted! In total, I’ve got 12 minis to go – with only a month left before the planned game. That’s about 3 minis a week… Do I live up to that rate? In the last 6 weeks, I’ve painted 15 minis. I have 5 weeks to go. If I keep that tempo up, I’ll have 12,5 minis painted by vacation time. There are less weddings, birthdays and funerals coming up – but on the other hand, our garden recently exploded into a mess of weedy hell and it’s my job to take care of that.