Apr 062011

It’s been too long since I posted pictures of newly painted minis, so here are a bunch from the first round of the Lead Painters League over at LAF. The submission did pretty well, winning me the round even though I had stiff competition.

All of them are Orc’s Drift scenario miniatures, but none of them are scenario exclusives. The dwarf is a C06 dwarf (sculpted by the Perry brothers) while the remaining four are all sculpted by Trish Morrison and part of the C46 Townsfolk range released in 1985.

Statler Hornblender and Gaffer Malletshield have never seen eye to eye on anything. Partly, that can be attributed to the difference in height but as old age have brought them both closer to the ground (in several ways) they have found that they also have many things in common. The main thing being to harass every person younger than them, which is pretty much everybody else in town. They are often seen around the town square pestering the poor busker Reiner Albern.

Reiner grew up in Stillburg, and it was clear from early days that he is operating in a dimension of his own. Together with his imaginary pet monkey Bosco, he’s made a living playing out-of-tune tunes at the town square for the last ten years. It has long been rumoured that Reiner’s pipe organ contained a large hoard of gold and gems. When some of the hired hands at a farm nearby cracked the organ open to claim the treasure, the rumour was proven to be just that. A family of mice were left homeless, the miscreants spent a night in jail and Reiner keeps grinding away on his repaired organ. Apart from the occasional creaking and rattling, the pipe organ is now completely silent.

Wilbur the traveller is a regional vagrant, who travels between the towns around Stillburg, performing menial tasks and manual labour. For a few days he’s been staying at the Nag’s Head, uncharacteristically well off. He claims to have been richly rewarded for services rendered to Theodore of Konstipah, the wizardly kook living in Nost-Óul Towers. As his (not very substantial) wealth is dwindling, Wilbur have been asking around for a few able adventurers to accompany him out on a quest for gold and fortune. Apparently, as part of his payment, he received a map and documents detailing where daring men might find limitless riches!

Otis Volkhorn is the town baker. Not much to say of him. Hard working family man, liked by everybody and provides the town with bread. In short, he’s a model citizen.

Coming up next, not much I’m afraid! There’s precious little hobby time at the moment, and what little I can get I put into my Lead Painters League submissions. So far, I have only managed one entry with newly painted minis. The rest are just the same old we’ve allready seen here.

Jan 112011

As some might remember, Mayor Boismann bought the plot in the first Stillburg scenario. I have now finished painting the guy who will replace him. Let me introduce you to Albert Adlercreutz, chief constabulary officer of Stillburg!

Albertus Adlercreutz – Human Officer
(60 pts)
Quality 3+, Combat 3. Leader.
Awaiting an official election, the town’s constabulary officer has been charged with the job as interim mayor. Albert Adlercreutz is quite the opposite of the old mayor. Righteous and just, with a genuine will to help those in need, he has offered his assistance to the surving heroes. No doubt will his corageous and inspiring ways prove an asset to the group!

The miniature is a fine piece of Aly Morrison work, from the Marauder MM60 line of human fighters. I really must say these models were done when Morrison (in my opinion) was at his best. Top notch, and I really hope he’ll survive for a while in the campaign!

I’m very pleased with how the mini turned out, with only the back irking me. I got this (as almost all my other lead) from eBay, and unfortunately the seller never told me the mini had a huge chunk of super glue on his back (probably from a shield)! I’ve managed to clean off most of it, but it did affect the surface. I’ve gone over the worst parts with black and more metals after this picture was taken, to give the lower back part a better impression of scales. First time I’m doing the signature 80s striped pants, by the way. Was a bit of a pain, but turned out nice.

Oddly enough, I must have subconsciously sucked in how the mini was painted in White Dwarf #113. I didn’t think of it at all when painting, but when comparing now there are some pretty obvious similarities!

Coming up next, more human peasant fighter types. Also – an old friend might soon make a re-appearance!

Aug 122010

One shieldswap later (and I’m not sure it’s for the better) here’s the full profile for Crazy Macy Sonnenshield.

The model was sculpted by good ol’ Jes Goodwin and released in 1986, I believe. The first mention of it I’ve found is as Gnawa Batter in the 1986 Citadel Journal in the C01 Fighters range. She’s named “Macelady” on the slotta tab, but was also available as Julia McEwman in the Tragedy of McDeath scenario pack. Lovely mini, but the straight legs give her a wonky posture and she’s quite a stiff jointed sculpt. I got the mini together with the previously posted ronin, from LeadAsbestos at LAF.

”Crazy” Macy Sonnenshield – Human Adventurer (54 pts)
Quality 3+, Combat 4. Berserk, Fearless, Capricious.
Little is known of this beautiful but deranged female warrior. She’s as deadly as she’s foul mouthed and short tempered. While viewed with some apprehension and mistrust due to her erratic behaviour, the people of Stillburg have learned to accept her as an occassional resident at the Nag’s Head.

“Oi! What’s this ‘capricious’ malarkey?!” I hear you say. Well, it’s a house rule trait of sorts. It’s a bit of a “Solar powered” rip-off, but instead of being either good or bad – it’s a bit of both which ever way the dice roll.

Capricious (0 pts):
At the start of a game, roll 1D6 for the model and apply the result rolled:
1,2 – Combat -1, Quality -1 (C3,Q3+ is now C2, Q2+)
3,4 – No effect
5,6 – Combat +1, Quality +1 (C3, Q3+ is now C4, Q4+)
I always intended her to be a bit of a loose cannon. She’s capable, but not reliable. After all, she suffered a quite severe blow to the head as a young lass. I even toyed with the idea to paint a white bang in the hair to illustrate that. Decided against it, as I managed to get the hair as I wanted on the first go.

Here she is doing what she loves most – disposing of zombies. Let’s see when she’ll be joining the Stillburg heroes in their adventures.

As a final little something I give you a WIP sneak peek of what’s coming up next.

Jul 262010

Just realized I didn’t post any close up shot of the Mayor before he croaked in our first Stillburg scenario. Liked the mini too much to not showcase him in a post, so here he is. Since the photo was taken, I have touched up his beard and face with some highlights. Too lazy to get new photos taken though.

He’s a late 80s Citadel fighter from the Fighters/Dogs of War range. Got him from a terribly nice bloke at LAF named Skrapwelder. Not sure when the mini was released, but the earliest mention I’ve found is in the 1988 catalogue. Sculpted by Aly & Trish Morrison I can only assume this is the work of Aly as the ol’ mayor’s face looks quite allright. Most human minis by Trish look like Sloth from The Goonies.

Phoncible Boismann
– Human Mayor. 44 pts. Q3+, C1. Leader, Shooter (Short).
Phoncible Boismann is the Mayor of Stillburg. Always looking out for himself, he’s the embodiment of an unscrupulous politician with his own agenda. Ofcourse, he’s trying to maintain an image of a caring all-father watching for ”his flock”.

I’ve got more Morrison stuff for you though. Here are a few old Citadel Oriental Heroes ronin that I bought from fellow LAF:er LeadAsbestos. The three guys in the first picture were painted by him, and I decided to not strip them as they looked too good! After I rebased them, they blend in just fine with my own miniatures.

The guy in yellow clothing is a solid-base mini from the C05 range. The other two are from OH2 ADD Samurai (centre) and OH4 Ronin Renegades (left). In addition to these three I also purchased an OH5 Oriental Champion, but it’s not painted by LeadAsbestos but some random eBay seller who he in turn purchased it from.

I’ve got a plan on how to use these in the Songs of Stillburg campaign but it’s still only in the draft stage. The bald headed fella is a fugitive from Nippon (egads, GW – you could’ve tried harder when you made your not-Japan fluff for Warhammer!). He carries with him some artifact, scroll or other magically potent trinket. The daimyo of his home province seeks this artifact for some dark, nefarious purpose. Thus three ronin have been sent after the fugitive across the world and the heroes of Stillburg will get caught inbetween. They can aid the fugitive in combat and if successful gain him as a (quite lethal) member of their warband. That won’t be easy though, as the ronin are deadly opponents.

Coming up next: I made more woods this weekend (some seen in the last two photos). Also, I’ve started painting the first female cast member of the Stillburg campaign!

Jul 202010

In The Riding, a small backwater province in The Old World, lies a small town named Stillburg. Situated north of Averridge and surrounded by dark forests, life has never been easy nor much fun in Stillburg. Recently, this has taken a turn for the worse. Livestock have been found mutilated and torn asunder, and several supply convoys from the south have gone missing.

At first people blamed the wolves in the region, and wanted to organize a hunt. However, when a full pack of wolves was found torn to pieces the towns-folk started to get scared. Nobody talked about organizing any hunts after that. Instead, fortifications were made on the town borders and mercenaries were recruited to bolster the town’s small militia.

Among these mercenaries, we find Raab the Barbarian and his old friend and partner Aldor Berlepsch.

SCENARIO 1 – Stirrings in the burial grounds
A few uneventful days after their enlistment, Raab and Aldor were spending the afternoon listening to yet another speech by the mayor. A sudden commotion in the north end of the square brought a premature (and appreciated) end to the speech. It was old farmer Crabcock, screaming at the top of his lungs that ”they got him”.

The mayor and a cleric from the priory of Gadd rushed to the old man’s side, and after a short but lively discussion mayor Boismann once again addressed the crowd. The farmer’s son had been assaulted and dragged off by walking corpses, into the woods to the north west of town. The mayor, seeing an opportunity to raise the generally low opinion of him and his bravery, proclaimed that he and the cleric would venture out to recover the young farmboy. At their side, they have three men from the militia and a heavily armed paladin of Gadd. They could however use some help…

Aldor and Raab decide to join, to make some quick coin and then get on with their travels north to Norsca where they plan to rejoin Raab’s brethren. How dangerous can a few reanimated skeletons be?

Woods and stone mounds, with one or two village houses near one corner of the board. The heroes are deployed within a short distance from the buildings. On the diagonally opposite quarter of the table, the (still living) body of Billy Crabcock is placed. The undead are deployed within a medium radius around him.

Reach Billy Crabcock with any character before he bleeds out (6 turns). (+2/-2 VP)
Slay the undead. (+1 VP for each 100 points)
Keep mayor Boismann alive. (+1/-1 VP)

The heroes, from left to right:
Brother Wendel, human cleric (50 pts): Q3+, C2. Cleric.
Duncan Sandels, human paladin (46 pts): Q3+, C4. Steadfast.
Raab, norse barbarian (39 pts): Q4+, C4. Fearless, Savage.
Aldor Berlepsch, human ranger (50 pts): Q3+, C3. Forester, Shooter: Long.
3x Town militia (Sven, Hans, Bo – 23 pts): Q4+, C3.
Mayor Boismann, human mayor (44 pts): Q3+, C1. Leader, Shooter: Short.

The undead force:
8x Skeleton Warrior (26 pts): Q3+, C3. Slow, Undead.
3x Skeleton Archer (24 pts): Q3+, C2. Slow, Undead, Shooter: Medium.
3x Zombie (8 pts): Q4+, C2. Slow, Undead, Short Move.

The heroes win initiative and activate first. They all move up the centre, with Raab and Aldor on point and the mayor with militia bravely protecting the rear. The undead breaks up in two groups; one larger group advancing towards the heroes while a small group of two skeletons and the three zombies advance on the right flank in cover of the woods. The three skeleton archers each take a shot at Raab, but at three times the distance it has no effect.

Aldor and Raab then move into the woods on the right flank, while brother Wendel and Duncan enters the woods on the left flank. The mayor, in a rare display of bravado, moves up the centre with only one militiaman as a shield to act as bait. All but one skeleton move up and form a line in front of the skeleton archers. All three archers shoot at Sven, the closest militia man, who falls on the last (aimed) shot. On the right flank, the zombies and two skeletons slowly advance.

Sven recovers from the archers’ attack and stands up. Aldor is running unhindered through the woods with the goal to reach Billy as quick as possible. In a coordinated ambush the heroes break cover from the woods and attack! Duncan and brother Wendel leap out of the woods on the left side and attack two skeletons. Duncan manage to hit, but his opponent is only pushed back. Wendel on the other hand, scores a solid hit and destroys the vile skeleton with divine aid. In blind frenzy, Raab rushes out from the woods on the right, straight into a surrounding circle of skeletons with no actions left for attacks. The militia moves up to shield the mayor, who fires with his pistol over their shoulders but miss.

The trailing skeleton rushes up past Duncan to attack brother Wendel, but the attack is parried with ease and the cleric repays the attacker with a crushing (and quite holy) blow to the skull. Two skeletons near Raab gather around him and the barbarian realize his folly. Outnumbered three to one, a fourth skeleton moves in and with a precise blow the mighty barbarian is overpowered and falls. A fifth skeleton approaches the fallen warrior and finishes him off. The archers fire at brother Wendel, who falls when dodging the fussilade.
On the right flank, the skeletons rush through the woods while the zombies continue circling around it.

The militia men move in and engage the archer skeletons, with no effect. Brother Wendel stands up and attacks one of the archers, but loses his balance and stumbles back. Duncan does a powerful attack on one of the skeleton warriors and scores a gruesome kill. The three skeleton warriors in range are transfixed, while the three archers are unaffected. Aldor emerge from the woods to ambush the rear skeleton archer, who is killed. The mayor fails to activate.

One of the skeleton warriors shrugs off the transfix, and moves to engage Aldor. The two remaining archers take turns attacking Sven, the militiaman. The first attack brings him to his knees and the other archer finish him off. One of the skeletons in the right flank woods run out ambushing mayor Boismann, who is pushed back but otherwise unharmed by the assault.

Bo attacks a skeleton archer and pushes it towards Duncan, who finishes the archer off with a powerful attack. Hans moves into contact with one of the transfixed skeletons while brother Wendel rushes to aid Billy but doesn’t quite reach him. In an unusual display of bravery, mayor Boismann moves to assist Aldor in the fight with a skeleton warrior. The ranger fails his attack and is pushed back by the foul undead.

Another skeleton warrior recovers from the transfix, while the two farthest skeletons move in behind Hans and Bo. The archer does a powerful attack on Bo and scores a gruesome kill. Seeing his last comrade fall, Hans flees. Duncan stands alone, facing five skeletons! The skeleton warrior engaged with the mayor activates with three dice, causing a turn over but one action is available. The mayor is attacked and falls.

Brother Wendel reaches Billy in the nick of time and is able to stop the bleeding on the young man. Mayor Boismann recovers from the attack, and with Boismann’s aid Aldor rushes the skeleton only to once again push it back. Duncan charges the same skeleton warrior, who is very resilient and is only pushed back. Hans recovers from routing.

The remaining skeleton archer fires an arrow at the mayor, who suffers a gruesome death. Covered in the mayor’s brains, Aldor flees. While Hans and Duncan stand firm, brother Wendel decides he’s done his part of the deal in rescuing the boy and flees. Two skeleton warriors move in on Duncan, and one engages Hans. The transfixed skeleton causes a turn over when trying to activate.

Wendel flees off the board, but Aldor recovers. Duncan attacks a skeleton but is pushed back himself. At this point, the heroes decide they’ve gotten what they came for and quickly leave the battle field together with the severely wounded Raab and a very pale farmer boy.

The mayor’s body is left to an horrible end in the fields, where the zombies feast on his carccass before returning into the woods.

Back in town, the healers can do nothing for Raab who dies an agonizing death. Aldor is devastated, but swears to avenge his friend. He will forever hate undead, and will not rest until he finds the person or persons responsible for bringing the dead back to life. Also, there might just be a small chance for him to revive his lost friend…

Rescuing Billy Crabcock: +2 vp
Killing 126 pts of Undead: +1 vp
Mayor Boismann died: -1 vp

We thoroughly enjoyed the game, and I’m very eager to paint up the few minis we need for the next scenario.