Dec 142014

This guy have been primed on the table since the day I decided to do a small scifi project. Thanks to the Scifi Painting Club over at the Lead Adventure forums I finally picked him up for a quick paintjob.

Born and raised in the irradiated first terraforming colonies of McKemmler IV, Mortie is one of few native mutants to actually get out of the system. Now he’s returned to his old home planet to recruit his old hoodlum friends as crew aboard his newly acquired freighter ship. Nicknamed “Balls” by his crew for being a daring fighter and captain.

"Aye aye, Balls!"

“Aye aye, Balls!”

The model is a bendy pre-paint from WOTC’s Star Wars Minis range; Nautolan Soldier. I always thought they’d look fun painted as a human mutant. It was a bit soft in the details, as expected – and I have to say I completely failed on those pistols. Oh well, he’s for gaming and will work just fine on the table. At first, I did his eyes regular “white with a black dot” – and while it really underlined the bugeyed style of him, it felt a bit dull. So I gave the eyes a red wash, which made it a lot better but all of a sudden the contrast was gone so for some reason he got a white dot in the middle of his pupil instead. Almost makes him look too alien for my taste. If I would do such eyes again I would paint the socket black, eyeball white, wash with red, thinned white on the centre of the eyeballs and finish off with a little black pupil in that white centre.

Original unpainted version, courtesy of the internet.

Original unpainted version, courtesy of the internet.

Lately, I’ve been reading Five Parsecs From Home, which looks rather promising. Five Core is the actual ruleset while Five Parsecs is a campaign add-on for playing murder hobos in spaaaace. I hope I’ll be able to get a game or two in during the long Christmas holidays.

In other news, Gareth over at Drums in the Deep have released his dungeon crawling rules Trapdoor (formerly known as Cavern Crawl)! Go check it out, it’s a great rule set for pseudo RPG dungeon crawling.

Nov 302014

I have painted very little and been generally non-hobby the last few months. I don’t expect it to change, but at least it’s not bugging me. I hope you’re ok with it too, Internet.

A while ago I backed a Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures that ended on October 4. I received the miniatures two weeks later and today I’m posting a pic of a painted model. The fastest turnaround ever for me! All the lizards are primed and good to go and the test piece below was painted very quickly. I’m keeping the standards fairly low as these are rank and file of a unit of henchmen and random antagonists.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.

Raizze trooper from Lancer Miniatures.


I’ll paint a squad of 12 of these. I’m alternating skin tones and scale tones slightly, but they’ll be orange and green. I figured I wouldn’t get many chances of painting orange skinned people any time soon. I did contemplate blue, but wanted something a little brighter. The armour plates, straps and gun were all painted the same colour and highlighted only once. It does look a bit bland, I’m not completely comfortable with it but think it’s good enough.

After painting this squad, I’ll have five left-over guys that I’ll have fun with painting in different colours to be used as fillers and backup for small warbands.

The sculpts were ok, but the casts rather rough in places. I tried getting rid of all the mold lines but did not succeed.This guy is nowhere near as bad as the worst examples. The sculpts are a bit awkward in places and have a few hard to reach areas that are really hard to paint but clearly visible so they MUST be painted. Still, they are cheap and fairly unique and most of all – Kieven of Lancer Minis is a great guy to deal with so I can only recommend these! Head on over to Lancer Miniatures and get some! There are even fantasy equivalents.

Oct 052014

Another pair of Spacelords miniatures for today; battle brothers Karl Wagoner and Jonn’es Cuera. They were “born” into service of Lindgren-Bavaria, a major corporation specialized in genetics and clone breeding.

Wagoner and Cuera, erstwhile battle brothers in the typical Quondam armour.

Cuera and Wagoner, erstwhile battle brothers in the typical Quondam armour.


Shortly after earning their status as quondam (free men), they signed on for private servitude with captain Morley. Battle brothers are bred for warfare on any scale, from security details and special ops to platoon level skirmishes. The high production costs means they’re not used in large capacities, though it’s not unheard of for a company of battle brothers. They age at a highly accelerated rate, until young adulthood is reached. Through medication the aging process is then decelerated until battle brothers reach the physical status of later middle age. At that point they’re usually declared Quondam and expelled from active service. Most battle brothers don’t live to see this day. As a side effect of ending the treatment, aging is slowed to a crawl. Battle brothers who live to die by old age can easily live as long as regular, true born men. Unfortunately, more than half of that life time is spent as old men.


“And you’re sure we’re going the right way?”



The models are Josef Ochmann sculpts (as usual when it’s a matter of Metal Magic models) from the C3033 and C3034 Cybertech War-tech ranges. Unfortunately they’re currently unavailable for purchase but Doug over at EM-4 is working on it. See this thread on the LAF for further details.

For some reason I had an unusually hard time photographing these guys, so I hope the slightly crap photos doesn’t offend too much.

The crew of the Chaste Magpie.

The crew of the Chaste Magpie. Too many misters, not enough sisters!


With these guys finished up, I just need to get one more model done to have a full Pulp Alley league for Captain Morley and his crew. I have several ideas for additions though. What small freighter would be complete without a resident civilian passenger, a doctor and a mechanic? Also, there are a few too many dicks on the dancefloor. That’s something we’ll have to remedy.

Aug 102014

Two more additions to my ongoing (albeit seasonally stalled) scifi project.

"See those, Bubba? They're power couplings. Don't gnaw on them."

“See those, Bubba? They’re power converters. Don’t gnaw on them, man.”


Snitch is a low-level street punk type of guy. Hailing from some remote world, he’s been marooned in the Kemmler system for a few cycles. In game play terms he’ll either serve as an unarmed follower or a plot point marker. It’s a fun little silly model, originally a Varactyl Wrangler from the Star Wars Miniatures pre-painted plastics range by Wizards of the Coast.



Not the first pointing model I paint for the scifi project. I’m sensing a theme here.


I trimmed the worst mold lines and gave him a quick re-paint. I wanted the silver parts to look like the costumes of Kiss or Abba. Puffy and soft. I think it mostly ended up looking a bit sloppily painted. He’ll do just fine though. Maybe I should go over it once more with an old black wash (less opaque) and touch up the silver afterwards. Or I could chill out and paint something else.


Original paintjob from WOTC

Original paintjob from WOTC


The other miniature is another pre-painted plastic, this time a Celestial Dire Badger from D&D Miniatures. I actually managed to strip the paint off this guy before painting it (using de-natured spirits).

"Sniffle snuffle snarfle"

“Sniffle snuffle snarfle”

Will be used as an astro-badger, joining up with other small critters in a sort of “followers pool” for Pulp Alley. I made the mistake of using an old purple glaze from Citadel (the hex-pot flip-tops with red lids) and it turned out very shiny. Varnish will take care of that though… Happy with how it turned out though. Always liked the model and it was fun to paint (being mostly drybrushing and painting).


Original paintjob from WOTC.

Original paintjob from WOTC.


As usual, the best part with painting something based on terrestrial wild life is the inevitable pictures of baby animals you’ll end up googling. In this case, badgers. Badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers. Lovely little blighters!

Badger, badger, badger.




Coming up next, some fantasy crap. Mostly old hat, that I finally got around to basing.

Jul 152014

One of captain Morley’s soft spots is exotic animals. As such, he keeps a small menagerie aboard The Chaste Magpie. One of his most prized specimen is Bil the radipus – a curiosity he picked up on the former penal colony of Anatinus Prime.

Radipus Bil - cute, cuddly and horribly wrong

Radipus Bil – cute, cuddly and horribly wrong


The radipus (or Radiathorhynkhos Paradoxus) is a lethal but docile creature. A fully grown specimen can fire radioactive blasts from its snout, but will normally only do so if threatened. Their eggs, however, are highly explosive and will detonate if touched by anything not emitting the radiation signature of its mother. Fried radipus egg is amongst the most exclusive meals you can have in the sector.

Have at 'em lad!

Have at ’em lad!

The model is an old platypus model from (now sadly defunct) Mega Miniatures. I’ve had it for yonks but with my current interest in Pulp Alley I have actual need of little, unassuming models to fill the inevitable 1 point follower gap in the standard league of leader, sidekick and three allies.

Speaking of followers – I have enabled a few features with a new plugin (thank you Jetpack – everybody should run it if they have a standalone WordPress installation). You can now either follow the blog and receive email notifications whenever I post new content – or you can subscribe to comment threads. So far, I have two followers so please – don’t be shy! Kudos to headhead and cheetor for being the first two.

Also, speaking of platipii – check out Random Platypus. It’s to Frothers like Zero is to Coke or Max is to Pepsi. Only less vile tasting.

The best part of painting this silly little thing is I had to do some research. Here are a few examples of the great things you can find if you google for “space platypus”.

From deviantART


More deviantART – now with udder!


And some general platypus propaganda – just because it’s rather great!


And for the cute overload fan in you – shar pei with beaks!


I suspect more Spacelords in a near future – but before that I’ll do more of the “completely different” thing.