Apr 062011

It’s been too long since I posted pictures of newly painted minis, so here are a bunch from the first round of the Lead Painters League over at LAF. The submission did pretty well, winning me the round even though I had stiff competition.

All of them are Orc’s Drift scenario miniatures, but none of them are scenario exclusives. The dwarf is a C06 dwarf (sculpted by the Perry brothers) while the remaining four are all sculpted by Trish Morrison and part of the C46 Townsfolk range released in 1985.

Statler Hornblender and Gaffer Malletshield have never seen eye to eye on anything. Partly, that can be attributed to the difference in height but as old age have brought them both closer to the ground (in several ways) they have found that they also have many things in common. The main thing being to harass every person younger than them, which is pretty much everybody else in town. They are often seen around the town square pestering the poor busker Reiner Albern.

Reiner grew up in Stillburg, and it was clear from early days that he is operating in a dimension of his own. Together with his imaginary pet monkey Bosco, he’s made a living playing out-of-tune tunes at the town square for the last ten years. It has long been rumoured that Reiner’s pipe organ contained a large hoard of gold and gems. When some of the hired hands at a farm nearby cracked the organ open to claim the treasure, the rumour was proven to be just that. A family of mice were left homeless, the miscreants spent a night in jail and Reiner keeps grinding away on his repaired organ. Apart from the occasional creaking and rattling, the pipe organ is now completely silent.

Wilbur the traveller is a regional vagrant, who travels between the towns around Stillburg, performing menial tasks and manual labour. For a few days he’s been staying at the Nag’s Head, uncharacteristically well off. He claims to have been richly rewarded for services rendered to Theodore of Konstipah, the wizardly kook living in Nost-Óul Towers. As his (not very substantial) wealth is dwindling, Wilbur have been asking around for a few able adventurers to accompany him out on a quest for gold and fortune. Apparently, as part of his payment, he received a map and documents detailing where daring men might find limitless riches!

Otis Volkhorn is the town baker. Not much to say of him. Hard working family man, liked by everybody and provides the town with bread. In short, he’s a model citizen.

Coming up next, not much I’m afraid! There’s precious little hobby time at the moment, and what little I can get I put into my Lead Painters League submissions. So far, I have only managed one entry with newly painted minis. The rest are just the same old we’ve allready seen here.

Apr 152010

I’ve been a bit busy with stuff not pertaining to this geek blog of mine, but here’s a little morsel and a hint of things to come.

Recently, I’ve grown weary of the plastic D&D Miniatures figs. I still have a big collection saved for Warhammer Quest, and I think the minis fit great for board games. However, real miniature games require real miniatures. =) Thus, I’ve started a small and purposeful collection of old Citadel metal miniatures with which my cousin Fredrik and I can play RPG-like campaigns.

First up, are the Songs of Stillburg. The people of the small town Stillburg have long led very uneventful lives. Recently, this has changed. Livestock have been found in the mornings, mutilated and torn asunder. At first people blamed the wolves in the region, and wanted to organize a hunt. However, when a full pack of wolves was found torn to pieces the towns-folk started getting scared. Nobody talked about organizing any hunts after that. Instead, fortifications were made on the town borders and some mercenaries were hired to bolster the town militia.

Among these mercenaries, we find Raab the Barbarian and his old friend and partner Aldor Berlepsch. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to paint up Aldor yet as he’s still en route in the post – but here’s a picture of Raab and a short bio. I’m making similar bios for all characters, to promote certain role playing in game and prevent power gaming where each mini is only viewed as expendable resources.

Raab – Human Barbarian. Quality 4+, Combat 4. Fearless, Berserk.
Professional sword for hire. Long time friend and companion of Aldor Berlepsch. Not the brightest, but fiercly loyal to Aldor and will protect him at any cost.

Finally, I have one more recently painted mini to share. It’s some military type guy from EM4 Miniatures, and his first assignment is as an android in Fredrik’s warband in Mutants & Death Ray Guns.

As usual, click for a high res version.

Coming up next; whatever pops in the mail box first. I’m waiting for a hefty batch of metal skeletons, also the mayor of Stillburg (Phoncible Bernadotte) and three city militia as well as the aforementioned Aldor Berlepsch. I’m still to find suitable minis for Brother Wendel (a monk from the local priory), Duncan Sandels (member of the priory’s knight templar order) and a few zombies.