Feb 142013

Short Willy and Nimbleroot the Unfortunate is a pair of adventurers currently working for Konstipah Ted in his endeavours to clean out the dungeons below Nost-Óul Towers. For some reason, these guys just can’t seem to catch a break – but they are always lucky enough to escape with their lives intact. Most recently, they had a run in with old Fatgit Rumblegut.

“Hurry up with that lockpick!”


The miniatures were painted early 2012, for the first round of the LPL. I haven’t gotten around to posting these profiles until now though. There are no lengthy bios for these guys, as they are minor characters. I think their names, profiles and looks speak for themselves. Willy is a Perry twins dwarf (Citadel) while Nimbleroot is a wood elf wardancer by Jes Goodwin (also Citadel).

Short Willy – Dwarf Warrior (26 pts) Quality 3+, Combat 3. Coward.

The shield is sort of a stylized dwarf face, but Willy (being Willy) is holding it upside down so instead of a beard it turned into an afro. It didn’t turn out very well, I’m afraid.


Nimbleroot the Unfortunate – Elf Thief (33 pts) Quality 2+, Combat 3. Stealth, Blundering.


A new special rule for Nimbleroot. I’m hoping it’ll work well in games, but who knows – I might change it a bit.

Blundering (-5 pts)
A Blundering model will fall over when rolling two or more failed activation dice.

Sep 012012

I bought these three minis painted from LeadAsbestos at LAF almost a year ago. Haven’t gotten around to re-base them until now, but here they are. A nice little trio of classic Citadel barbarians. Sculpted by the Perry bros they were part of the Fighters range in the ’88 catalogue. I’m not exactly sure about the rightmost guy, haven’t been able to find him in a catalogue.

Painted by LeadAsbestos

I imagine them being a group of travelling mercenaries, with the red headed girl being the brains of the operation. Will be easy enough to slot into the Stillburg campaign if needed, or they’ll work just as well with my other human adventurer types to make up mercenaries for a pick-up-and-play warband. Once I get some more barbarians from the same range painted up, I might end up with enough of them to do a proper Norse warband. I would like that.


Jul 122012

Got this dwarf from a friend, to paint as payment for a few miniatures. I normally don’t do comissions as I have a hard time keeping up with my own lead but figured every once in a while a single miniature won’t hurt too much.

I'm a little teapot short and stout... if you tip me over, you'll get the axe!

And one from above...

Hopefully he’ll be happy with it! I think it turned out quite allright, but as usual I hate my most recent paintjob. Need to get some distance to it, I suppose. The dwarf was a bit tough to paint, as it was rough in places with poorly cast fingers etc.

For the leadheads it’s not too hard to recognize him. Classic mid- to late 80’s Perry twins dwarf adventurer, from Citadel as always.

Jun 072012

This is the team I entered in LPL6 round 7. Sort of rushed like, to meet the deadline – but they still came out OK. How hard can it be to paint skeletons, really? It took a right beating in the arse from Chambers.

Chuck 'em thata way, lads!

The main part of the team is the old Skull Chucker by Aly Morrison. It’s actually one of the first lot of miniatures I received after getting back into the whole vintage lead malarkey and have been stood assembled and undercoated since late april 2010. Feels good to have them painted up and ready for a future Stillburg scenario (the one after the next).

The crew is joined by Renzo Avanti, champion of RRD2 – Mordini’s Nightmare Legion. Sculpted by one Perry or another. That leaves me a musician, a standard bearer and about 10 more troopers to complete my own Nightmare Legion.


May 212011

Finally, some new pictures here. These two guys were planned to make up part of an entry in LPL5 over at Lead Adventure Forums – however time was not on my side. Instead, I’m showing them here for the first time.

These are the brothers Crabcock. In the first scenario of Songs of Stillburg, the objective is to save the youngest of them (Billy). If the heroes succeed, they have the option to enlist Billy and his elder brother Hog as allies in their adventures.

Billy Crabcock is a somewhat tough mini to identify. I’ve only found him in the 1989 summer trade catalogue over at Stuff of Legends. He looks like he could be part of the C07 Rangers line, and sure looks like a Perry brothers sculpt. I guess he’s from around 1986 or there abouts. I have no idea why he’s sporting a fur bowler hat. A bit of a daft model, to be frank.

Billy Crabcock – Human Farmboy (18 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 2. Coward, Shooter (Medium).
Young and inexperienced, he fell prey to the undead attacking the town. Having been rescued by the heroes, Billy and his brother now offer their aid in battle. Must stay within a medium range of his brother Hog. If Hog is killed, Billy must make a morale check.

His brother Hog Crabcock was a bit easier, as I happen to own an old White Dwarf from 1987 with the model displayed. It’s also in the 1988 catalogue. Typical charming Morrison sculpt and I quite like it.

Hog Crabcock – Human Farmhand (20 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 3. Protect.
Billy’s older brother, who returned to Stillburg and his father’s farm after a failed attempt at professional soldiery. Must stay within a medium range of his brother. If Billy is killed, gains the Berserk ability until end of game, and permanently gains Hatred of the creature type that killed Billy. Each game ending with both Crabcock brothers alive (even if they were removed from play) gives one extra VP.

Coming up next; some minis I bought painted off a chap on LAF. Some (very) old Citadel, some nice Marauder creatures and a bunch of Foundry stuff. Also have a vizened old wizard on the painting table, together with a halfling. In addition to that, I’ve got some of my Amera terrain finished up (but I ran out of flock!) and also have a package prepped to send off on a painting commission. Too much lead and too little time…