Jun 282011

I recently re-discovered how to combine the miniature hobby with family life; I painted some lead with my wife! While she was working on some replacement models for Tales of the Arabian Nights, I finished up two models I’ve had half finished for ages.

First her work though. It’s six models from Mega Miniatures arabian range. Cheap and quite OK looking stuff, I purchased them a while ago to be used as replacements for the cardboard figures from Tales of the Arabian Nights. The game was received for christmas 2010 as a gift from my secret santa at Board Game Geek. My wife really likes it, it’s a pretty random and silly game – but it’s bloody good fun if you’re in the mood for some story reading rather than tactical or strategic decisions.

These are her first time painting metal models. Prior to this she’s only painted one plastic Blood Bowl mini (a second edition human player some six years ago) and a few robots from our RoboRally set. I’m well and truly impressed, especially with the tidy painting. Some practice doing highlights and drybrushing and she’ll be out-painting me in no time at all! Of the six, I did Aladdin on the far right and also finished the bases. The rest is all her work!

I myself toiled away with this old lump of lead. Consider this turd properly polished! Still don’t really know who produced it, but as I mentioned some months ago it was the first model I purchased. It is now made and sold by Magister Militum as a Wild Man with Warts. Pretty apt description. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out, considering the battered condition he was in. I emailed Magister Militum and asked if they knew who originally produced it, but all they could say was that they thought it might have been Standard Games.

This is actually the first miniature I’ve painted without any plan what so ever regarding actual use. I guess he’ll show up somewhere around Stillburg. Maybe as a giant mutant halfling… that’s a 25 mm wide base he’s on so he’s quite a big guy.

Speaking of halflings, I also finished a model I was supposed to use in my entry for Lead Painters League 5, round 10. That fell through due to work, but atleast this one miniature is now finished.

It’s Pippin from the 1985 Citadel set BME1 – The fellowship of the ring. A nice set of halflings, some daft humans, an over sized elf and a pretty good wizard. Was going to use Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Strider, Legolas and Boromir to re-create the battle at Amon Hen – complete with ruin and all. I also got a handfull of the old 80s Jes Goodwin Uruk-hai. They’re also a little painted so far… I’m re-focusing on Stillburg now, with the LPL out of the way and this guy is going to pop up in a scenario not too far away in the future.

If you ask me, he looks more scared than anything else. He no want huggies! Coming up next; zombies?

Nov 302010

Finally, some properly painted lead here. It’s a great mini from the C10 Half-Orcs range, sculpted by Aly Morrison. I picked it up from bridgend_steve a good while ago and painted it up for the interlude between scenario 1 and 2 of the Stillburg campaign. He’s a bit mangled up with a heavy mold line across the right hand side of his face, obscuring the detail.

The motif of the shield is that of a white raven, nicked from the Fable 3 game where a band of mercenaries use a similar symbol. As I collect and paint up the remaining C10 Half-Orcs, I’ll re-use the shield design and they’ll form a nice coherent unit or warband. Got three more primed and waiting for paint.

In the Stillburg campaign, he only makes a quick cameo in a scenario interlude where he acts as a guide for a gang of samurai from Nippon.

They’re unexpectedly backed up by a local bad-tempered minotaur; Fatgit Rumblegut (finally I got to use him in a game).

More on that odd constellation in my report on that game. As all minis now are fully painted I’ll do a few shots to illustrate it. Might be a while…

I’ve also managed to add a finishing touch to two more quick jobs of non-Citadel lead. To the left is a Metal Magic paladin, still avaliable from Mega Miniatures as Guard with Halberd. I really like the mini, and I’m happy with how the quick and dirty paint job turned out. The guy to the right is unknown to me, no idea where he’s from. Got him in a lot when buying the Metal Magic paladins.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll have a short battle report for you. Honest!

Sep 102010

Nothing fancy today, but a nice addition to the Stillburg undead. These are two of the good old Kev Adams C18 Zombies. Some of the finest zombies ever made, if you ask me.


The whole happy gang of undead shufflers. It’s not obvious that the lieutenant actually is a zombie due to his exposed skull but I’m sure we’ll manage. His posture is that of a zombie rather than a skeleton warrior.

For the next Stillburg scenario, a new troop type will be used; Zombie Lieutenant. They’re basically a low powered leader type used to allow zombies group moves. I’ve been thinking about how to represent the lieutenants and how to differentiate them from their mindless brethren. First plan was to use armoured zombies with a shield. Unfortunately, there are only two vintage Citadel zombies that have any armour to speak of, and I will need at least three. There are two candidates which could work; 074579/20 (center in the bottom row) and 074579/16 (right most in the bottom row). If anyone have either of them (would prefer the guy with the sword) – please let me know!

I’ve also finished up one of the militia men from scenario 1. It’s a bit of a quick rush-job, partly because I had to get him on the table quickly – but also because of him not being a Citadel miniature. It’s an old Metal Magic paladin, currently available from Mega Miniatures as a Guard Holding Halberd.

He’s normally acting as a name-less, disposable red-shirt kind of ally but could also work as a guard captain when one is needed.

I’d like to recommend Mega Miniatures, as their minis and shipping are VERY cheap ($1.43 per miniature, and a few dollars for international shipping) while reasonably nice looking. When I ordered from them, I got the minis delivered from the US to Sweden in a matter of days. There are some issues with the scale between ranges though… the Metal Magic minis are usually fine next to old Citadel sculpts (but some will look a bit small). The old Grenadier line also sold by Mega is basically 25mm scale and much too small to mix with Citadel.

Coming up next… Ral Partha ninjas!?