Sep 272014

I know, the GW spelling is “dwarfs”. It always bugged me, so for me they’re grammatically correct dwarves. Edit: Imagine that, I was completely wrong about that. Lesson of the day is, don’t do too much thinking of your own! Thanks Robert for the correction! Regardless, today is my birthday so I’m celebrating it by posting up these dwarves I have had painted for me. This time it’s the super-swell and always awesome Dr.Falkenhayn who’ve done the job. As usual, I have finished the bases myself for the required basing coherency as stipulated by my posterior tendencies.

An "archeological expedition" goes awry...

An “archeological expedition” goes awry…

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Jul 092012

Last month, a lot of people in the “oldhammer blogoshpere” (jeez) listed their top ten wants. Found it quite entertaining to leaf through but never got around to make my own list. Until now. This is me, getting on the band wagon a few weeks late. Enjoy! I’ve split my list into two, actually. One for stuff that I obsess about from a collectionitis perspective, and one for stuff that I just think is cool.

The list of Cool Stuff that I really really want

#10. Heinrich Kemmler, the original Lichemaster
A classic villain from a classic scenario. A fun fig, but too damn expensive to justify buying.

Pic from SOL


#9. Citadel Giant Spider
Standard creepy crawly, but a giant spider never goes out of style. Want one!

Pic from Tea's Getting Cold


#8. Skrag the Slaughterer
Fantastic ogre by Jes Goodwin. The ultimate second in comand for an evil nemesis or boss ogre for an ogre warband.

Pic from CMON

#7. Ambull
Science Fantasy wierdness that would work just as well as a demonic fantasy monster as a science fiction dito.

Pic from SOL

#6. Blood Bowl Troll #2
Bob Olley sculpted a few trolls for 2nd edition Blood Bowl that weren’t widely circulated. This is one of them, the other I already have (Troll #3). It’s not super duper rare, but doesn’t appear often.

Pic from Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive


#5. Citadel Cockatrice
This is another of those classic dungeon critters you just need to have if you plan any serious random encounter gaming. Also, it’s appropriately sized. Nowadays a cockatrice is apparently a huge behemoth. As usual, the 80s win over the nowies.

Pic from The Owlbear's Lair


#4. Dragon Ogre
What can be said… it’s big, mean looking and bloody awesome!

Pic from SOL


#3. Snotling Pumpwagon
I used to own one. Now I don’t. Stupid!

Pic from The Art of War


#2. Marauder Giant
The quintessential giant, if you (like me) were introduced to WHFB in the early 90s. Prior to that I had only played and collected Blood Bowl and never even had much of a look at other GW stuff apart from a stray blister of dwarfs and some Judge Dredd stuff. This is something I really would want to get my mitts on!

Pic from SOL


#1. Osrim Chardz
So rare a google image search won’t even give you any pics of him painted, thus the only bare metal image in this list. Not that great a fig, but getting one would crown my Orc’s Drift collection. This is my grail mini, no question about it.

Pic from CCM wiki


That’s it for the really nice stuff that I would rather like to have. Next, I’ll post the “gottacatchemall” list of 10 most coveted chunks o’ lead.

Dec 212011

Among the more exotic denizens of the area around Stillburg we find these members of the cult of Elisiam, the man faced lion-god.

The miniatures are mostly from Foundry’s range of Spartans, the manticore is the MM44 Marauder model released in 1990 or so. Most likely it was scuplted by Trish Morrison. The models are all painted by elysium64/Simon from LAF/FUUK. I got these and a bunch of other nicely painted miniatures for a pittance. I’ve merely re-based them (well, not the manticore yet) to fit with the rest of my collection.

Many months ago, this particular group of cultists set out from their enclave outside of Thessos in The Border Princes. Travelling accross The Vaults, they have now ended up in Averland in the Empire and are scouring the Riding for a legendary relic of Elisiam’s. While not exactly chaos cultists, their practice of blood sacrifice and use of the colour red often lead to them being shunned as followers of Khorne. They hold little regard for outsiders and will not hesitate to battle anyone opposing their religious conviction.

The warband is lead by Timaios, armed with a bow. He’s accompanied by his trusted fighting men Archelaos, Endymion and Petros as well as the standard bearer Akakios.

Phrixos is the priest shaman of the group and by his side we find his young apprentice Miltiades.

Finally, the manticore Usuthu bound to protecting Delia the Temptress. In return, she enthralls men for Usuthu to feed on.

I made the following warband list to use them with Song of Blades and Heroes.

Cult of Elisiam – 328 pts
Timaios, Q3, C3. Leader, Shooter: Medium. 68 pts
Phrixos, Q3, C1. Magic-User. 40 pts
Miltiades, Q4, C2. 15 pts
Akakios, Q3, C3. Standard Bearer. 30 pts
Archelaos, Q3, C3. 30 pts
Endymion, Q3, C3. 30 pts
Petros, Q3, C3. 30 pts
Delia the Temptress, Q3, C1. Distract. 34 pts
Usuthu, Q4, C4. Big, Flying, Poison, Protect (Delia). 51 pts.

Yup that’s about it… my first tits-out miniature and all. Coming up next, a something small and vicious for the 24th. Stay tuned!

Edit: Oh, almost forgot. Random silly names provided by Seventh Sanctum and Behind the Name.

Jan 112011

As some might remember, Mayor Boismann bought the plot in the first Stillburg scenario. I have now finished painting the guy who will replace him. Let me introduce you to Albert Adlercreutz, chief constabulary officer of Stillburg!

Albertus Adlercreutz – Human Officer
(60 pts)
Quality 3+, Combat 3. Leader.
Awaiting an official election, the town’s constabulary officer has been charged with the job as interim mayor. Albert Adlercreutz is quite the opposite of the old mayor. Righteous and just, with a genuine will to help those in need, he has offered his assistance to the surving heroes. No doubt will his corageous and inspiring ways prove an asset to the group!

The miniature is a fine piece of Aly Morrison work, from the Marauder MM60 line of human fighters. I really must say these models were done when Morrison (in my opinion) was at his best. Top notch, and I really hope he’ll survive for a while in the campaign!

I’m very pleased with how the mini turned out, with only the back irking me. I got this (as almost all my other lead) from eBay, and unfortunately the seller never told me the mini had a huge chunk of super glue on his back (probably from a shield)! I’ve managed to clean off most of it, but it did affect the surface. I’ve gone over the worst parts with black and more metals after this picture was taken, to give the lower back part a better impression of scales. First time I’m doing the signature 80s striped pants, by the way. Was a bit of a pain, but turned out nice.

Oddly enough, I must have subconsciously sucked in how the mini was painted in White Dwarf #113. I didn’t think of it at all when painting, but when comparing now there are some pretty obvious similarities!

Coming up next, more human peasant fighter types. Also – an old friend might soon make a re-appearance!