Sep 272014

I know, the GW spelling is “dwarfs”. It always bugged me, so for me they’re grammatically correct dwarves.¬†Edit: Imagine that, I was completely wrong about that. Lesson of the day is, don’t do too much thinking of your own! Thanks Robert for the correction! Regardless, today is my birthday so I’m celebrating it by posting up these dwarves I have had painted for me. This time it’s the super-swell and always awesome Dr.Falkenhayn who’ve done the job. As usual, I have finished the bases myself for the required basing coherency as stipulated by my posterior tendencies.

An "archeological expedition" goes awry...

An “archeological expedition” goes awry…

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Jul 092012

Last month, a lot of people in the “oldhammer blogoshpere” (jeez) listed their top ten wants. Found it quite entertaining to leaf through but never got around to make my own list. Until now. This is me, getting on the band wagon a few weeks late. Enjoy! I’ve split my list into two, actually. One for stuff that I obsess about from a collectionitis perspective, and one for stuff that I just think is cool.

The list of Cool Stuff that I really really want

#10. Heinrich Kemmler, the original Lichemaster
A classic villain from a classic scenario. A fun fig, but too damn expensive to justify buying.

Pic from SOL


#9. Citadel Giant Spider
Standard creepy crawly, but a giant spider never goes out of style. Want one!

Pic from Tea's Getting Cold


#8. Skrag the Slaughterer
Fantastic ogre by Jes Goodwin. The ultimate second in comand for an evil nemesis or boss ogre for an ogre warband.

Pic from CMON

#7. Ambull
Science Fantasy wierdness that would work just as well as a demonic fantasy monster as a science fiction dito.

Pic from SOL

#6. Blood Bowl Troll #2
Bob Olley sculpted a few trolls for 2nd edition Blood Bowl that weren’t widely circulated. This is one of them, the other I already have (Troll #3). It’s not super duper rare, but doesn’t appear often.

Pic from Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive


#5. Citadel Cockatrice
This is another of those classic dungeon critters you just need to have if you plan any serious random encounter gaming. Also, it’s appropriately sized. Nowadays a cockatrice is apparently a huge behemoth. As usual, the 80s win over the nowies.

Pic from The Owlbear's Lair


#4. Dragon Ogre
What can be said… it’s big, mean looking and bloody awesome!

Pic from SOL


#3. Snotling Pumpwagon
I used to own one. Now I don’t. Stupid!

Pic from The Art of War


#2. Marauder Giant
The quintessential giant, if you (like me) were introduced to WHFB in the early 90s. Prior to that I had only played and collected Blood Bowl and never even had much of a look at other GW stuff apart from a stray blister of dwarfs and some Judge Dredd stuff. This is something I really would want to get my mitts on!

Pic from SOL


#1. Osrim Chardz
So rare a google image search won’t even give you any pics of him painted, thus the only bare metal image in this list. Not that great a fig, but getting one would crown my Orc’s Drift collection. This is my grail mini, no question about it.

Pic from CCM wiki


That’s it for the really nice stuff that I would rather like to have. Next, I’ll post the “gottacatchemall” list of 10 most coveted chunks o’ lead.