Sep 032012

This guy is another model I’ve bought painted off LAF members. This time, it’s a classic Realms of Chaos beastman and he’s sporting an equally classic paintjob courtesy of Elysium64 (who also painted my Spartan chaps I posted earlier). I’ve got a few more beasty things painted by Simon, but they haven’t been rebased yet. The model was sculpted by Jes Goodwin and can be seen among other places in the 1989 catalogue.

Painted by Elysium64

Don’t really have a warband to put him in just yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some more chaos painted up as there’s a huge chaotic hole in my collection of painted models.


Apr 132012

One of my favourite sculptors is Bob Olley. I really disliked his style when I was younger, in the early 90s. The cartoony and exaggerated anatomy of the Blood Bowl ogres, coupled with the rather stiff manequin posing didn’t appeal to me at all at the time. I still think his sculpts are pretty goofy, especially the Essex ones and those (mostly) horrible Black Orcs he did for Citadel – but there are some absolute gems in there too. For instance, his Iron Claw goblins or the aforementioned Blood Bowl ogres. Also, his newer stuff is brilliant – especially the little Splintered Lands anthropomorphic animals.

Olley, Adams and Copplestone - yum!

Among the gems are also his Citadel beastmen from the late 80s. I’ve got a few, and when I stumbled over a virtual Olley gold mine on eBay I couldn’t help myself and bought even more. The same seller also had the set of harpies for sale, as well as the rather rare and elusive Blood Bowl Troll #3. They’re all mine now!

I’ve also been getting some more Blood Bowl stuff for my Dungeon Bowl project. Four orcs and three humans.

Last week I didn’t post what I had been getting (mostly) – I suppose easter got in the way. Here’s the picture I took though. It’s a parcel from Alternative Armies, containing Jes Goodwin’s old barbarians and some lesser goblins by Kev Adams.

Haha, my parcel is hilariously squashed! Such fun!

The lead was ok though!

Luckily the chaps and/or chapettes over at Alternative Armies know how to pack their parcels so no lead was harmed. These guys were all bought on a whim. Alternative had 20% off, and I had been eyeing the old barbarians by Jes Goodwin for some time. It’s a neat little set, with nicely sculpted minis that when painted as a group will make up a great warband for Song of Blades, Skulldred or Brink of Battle – whatever I will go for in the end. The lesser goblins were a super impulse buy. I sort of regret it, as they’re really small and I’m sure I won’t paint them any time soon. Also, those spears are very fragile. They’ll make nice snotlings for dungeon crawling though. The barbarians will go out on commission if I can find a painter willing to do them for a good price.

These weren’t the only additions though. I also got two pre-slotta pirates from the Citadel rogues line. Forgot to take a photo of them, so I’ll just include them in my every-growing negative lead tally. Total tally for 2012 is now 44 painted – 154 acquired = -110! Yikes.

Apr 112012

This is my entry for round 5 in the LAF painting competition Lead Painters League. The round was Tolkien themed, and together with most other participants I went for a Lord of the Rings inspired entry.

Rather soon, they will have the little ones...

The scene depicts the battle at Amon Hen, where the fellowship is broken up; Boromir dies, Frodo and Sam go cayaking and Merry and Pippin get shanghaied. For the fellowship miniatures, I used the BME1 Fellowship boxed set. I’ve got the complete set (and box) but haven’t painted Gandalf, Frodo, Sam and Bill the pony. Might get around to it eventually. Frodo and Sam are a bit dull though. Maybe for the next LPL? For Uruk Hai, I have used one of the regular ME-44 Uruk Hai, but mostly I used the alternate range sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I really like those sculpts, especially the faces. As we don’t game LOTR, I’ll be using these as “red orcs” for dungeon crawling and random encounters. Got a sizeable collection of them, but I’m still missing a few.

I managed to score another win with this entry, which has garnered me the rather absurd position of #6 in the leaderboards. Sheer luck, as I haven’t had to face any of the big names yet. The current round is going my way too, even though I had to enter a replacement team. I’ve got a new team ready for round 7, and I’m more or less halfway there with my round 10 entry. I have been cleaning and prepping my teams for round 8 and 9 but they are yet to be primed.

Aug 122010

One shieldswap later (and I’m not sure it’s for the better) here’s the full profile for Crazy Macy Sonnenshield.

The model was sculpted by good ol’ Jes Goodwin and released in 1986, I believe. The first mention of it I’ve found is as Gnawa Batter in the 1986 Citadel Journal in the C01 Fighters range. She’s named “Macelady” on the slotta tab, but was also available as Julia McEwman in the Tragedy of McDeath scenario pack. Lovely mini, but the straight legs give her a wonky posture and she’s quite a stiff jointed sculpt. I got the mini together with the previously posted ronin, from LeadAsbestos at LAF.

”Crazy” Macy Sonnenshield – Human Adventurer (54 pts)
Quality 3+, Combat 4. Berserk, Fearless, Capricious.
Little is known of this beautiful but deranged female warrior. She’s as deadly as she’s foul mouthed and short tempered. While viewed with some apprehension and mistrust due to her erratic behaviour, the people of Stillburg have learned to accept her as an occassional resident at the Nag’s Head.

“Oi! What’s this ‘capricious’ malarkey?!” I hear you say. Well, it’s a house rule trait of sorts. It’s a bit of a “Solar powered” rip-off, but instead of being either good or bad – it’s a bit of both which ever way the dice roll.

Capricious (0 pts):
At the start of a game, roll 1D6 for the model and apply the result rolled:
1,2 – Combat -1, Quality -1 (C3,Q3+ is now C2, Q2+)
3,4 – No effect
5,6 – Combat +1, Quality +1 (C3, Q3+ is now C4, Q4+)
I always intended her to be a bit of a loose cannon. She’s capable, but not reliable. After all, she suffered a quite severe blow to the head as a young lass. I even toyed with the idea to paint a white bang in the hair to illustrate that. Decided against it, as I managed to get the hair as I wanted on the first go.

Here she is doing what she loves most – disposing of zombies. Let’s see when she’ll be joining the Stillburg heroes in their adventures.

As a final little something I give you a WIP sneak peek of what’s coming up next.