Feb 252010

(Originally posted 100225)

As an interlude between the two scenario reports from our SOBH campaign, I give you… wood! Unfortunately the picture with the conifers came out terribly blurred so I didn’t bother linking it to a larger sized image. Click on the other picture for a larger version though.

The base of the stands is regular old masonite, cut to shape and slightly beveled with sand paper. I attached the trees with hot glue and then covered the whole base in flock and static grass, with a few small pebbles for added life. Didn’t want to put too much stuff on the stands as they need to be able to hold miniatures during games as well. The trees are H0 scale ones from Faller and were a christmas present from Marie (my very loving, understanding and generous Mrs). I made them in an evening, in about two hours. Great payoff for little work! I’ll get myself some more trees the next time I’m close to a model rail road shop! I’ll try to make future tree stands have detachable trees, as these were a bit of a pain to use in games.

I’ve actually received a request too, to see the mini seen in the background of my first post. I used her as a model for this shoot and here’s a close up. Click on it for a larger image.

It’s a Wild Elf Warsinger from the usual D&D Miniatures line of pre-painted plastics. I rebased her and did a quick touch up some months ago. You’ll see alot more of these pre-painted plastics as they’re my main source of miniatures. Ready to play with straight out of the box, but paints up nicely if need be. Finally, they’re so much more durable than metal or hard plastic miniatures – thus easier to store!

Next time; a write up of scenario two in the three part Pyramid SOBH campaign!

Feb 212010

(Originally posted on 100221)

For a while, I’ve had an itch to start a sub blog related to my board- and miniatures gaming hobby. Recently, I’ve been following Tim’s excellent blog and that was what tipped the scale.

So, what’s in store for this first post? Without further ado, I give you; rocks! Click on the image for a larger version.

One of the most simple terrain pieces but also one of the most versatile. They will fit right in when we play Song of Blades & Heroes, but just as well with Mutants and Death Ray Guns. These rocks were scrounged up last summer when pulling weeds in the flower beds around our house. They’re mounted on masonite board (using PVA glue) and primered black. After that, they’re drybrushed with lighter shades of grey and the bases are covered in flock, sand, pebbles and finally statics grass. They’re not quite finished yet in these pictures. I will touch up the edges of the bases (to contrast less with the game surface) and also do a coat of dull varnish to take the edge off that glare and fixate the flock and grass.

Coming up next; stands of trees and possibly a few 15 mm miniatures to be used with Hordes of the Things. More on that later. Until then, here’s a close up of an Aasimar Fighter I painted recently for a Song of Blades campaign. Click it for a larger version!