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I’ve been longing to do science fiction gaming for a long time… a long, long time. However, I haven’t been able to decide on what type of scifi I’m after. I’m equally attracted to Star Wars style swashbuckling, Star Trek-like away team in 60s tv-show action, hard scifi “future modern” warfare, Warhammer 40K space fantasy and Mutant Chronicles mega corporation mercenary fighting. About the only scifi gaming genres I’m not keen on is spaceship combat, really.

The stuff I’m hoping to be painting for the next little while (ie few years). In the bags are a bunch of the earliest Orks (and in the small bag a few Battleclones from Spacelords). It’s a nice mix of old and new.

So, after some introspective soul-searching I came to the conclusion that I want mostly 40K. Mostly. No Dark Eldar, no Necron, no Tau. No “only war” stuff. In the grim darkness of my future, there is some war – but mostly every-day business, wheelings and dealings, schemes and plots. So the main conflict of Emperor vs Chaos must go. Come to think of it, so must the space marines. “WHAT?!” I hear you say. Yeah, no space marine chapters such as they are in 40K. No emperor and no heresy. In fact, no Horus either. Screw all that! I’ll have power armoured elite troopers (ie space marines), some will be organized in chapters (but no Blood Angels, Space Wolves or Ultramarines). I’ll pick a few chapters I think are cool (that means, chapters which colour schemes I like the look of – I don’t know enough background fluff). Those are in, the rest are out. Never existed. Or maybe they did, aeons ago. It’s not really important.

What I’m currently painting.

What I’m aiming for is adventure gaming with the pathetic aesthetics ever present. Main focus will be on 28mm skirmishes using 10-30 miniatures, mainly older sci-fi stuff such as the initial releases for Rogue Trader (up to and including some early 90s stuff), Hobby Products fantastic Space Lords range and Alternative Armies very nice (and old but rechristened) Ion Age range. It has Bob Olley sculpts! I’m not sure what rule system to use here either. Most likely something a bit more accessible than Rogue Trader, such as Savage Worlds Showdown or Pulp Alley.

Here are a few sources of inspiration that I’m drawing heavily from:

Docking Bay 94, Mos Eisley and Tatooine in general. Nice, grubby and lived-in look.


Hunters 2 for the iPad and iPhone. Even though you only see a top down view, both troopers and environments are hugely inspiring to me for some reason.


Fun 40K! Pic nicked from Jonas’ Death World Adventures. Click the pic to check out his battle report.


Firefly, cause it’s a pretty decent space western!




More 2000AD (I even have a Sam Slade mini ready for paint).


Seriously… 2000AD! Almost anything will fit nicely into “my” universe. Strontium dogs, rogue troopers and robo-hunters sound exactly like the type of thing I want. Judges, not so much. It’s too recognizeable (though that could be argued about Johnny Alpha too) and contained within it’s own story. I’ll nab some ideas about mutants, the cursed earth and the dark humour from Dredd though.


And here are a few things I’m avoiding completely:

Boring, stupid 40K. This is the image taken from the English wikipedia article on 40K. I shitte thee notte! Marvel at the colourful scenery and well painted miniatures!


Dark Eldar




Squat bikers. Regular space suit and pirate squats, yes! Long haired with bandanas and vests, NO!


Arm-flailing retro robots of the 50’s futuuuuure. No thanks. You guys are fun in other contexts.


Chaos Space Marines as such. They’re just too big, too bad and too obvious. Not really fun bad-guys. There’s something about this image though… something about the over-the-top daftness is alluring. If I end up using chaos marines, I’ll make sure to not take them seriously! How could anyone take these guys seriously though? Their flamers have “pointy tiff”!


Next, something properly painted on this blog – for the first time this year! You jokers in the back muttering “for the first time ever, more like” – don’t think I don’t hear you! Also a more detailed campaign background, to prime my poor uneducated friends who couldn’t tell the difference between a hormagant and a carnifex. Noobs.

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  1. Thanks for a very interesting blog post. I like your logic and you should do what makes sense for your own interests and not be bothered about others concerns. Free mind, free choice. Enjoy wargaming and painting. GBS

    • Thanks Gavin! I hope to be able to display some of the Ion Age stuff in painted glory soon! I’m especially looking forward to working on some Maligs. Classic Olley sculpts!

  2. There are more and more of us willing to take that route !
    Enough of the manichean universe, give us some poorly shaved space bandits ! Cyperpunk and western like story plots !

    Oh and that lead photo at the beginning….it looks so good, some of the very best 40k has to offer.

    • Thanks for the comment JB! Agree, there seems to be blowing a strong scifi wind these days. =) And yeah, that pic is pure awesome if I may say so myself. I have a pretty big lot coming in with assorted goodies and after that I’m hitting the brakes for anything but the most wanted ones. Interestingly enough, that list seems to be ever expanding.

      • what a surpise!

        The eldar pirates are really good for your purpose because they have just the right aesthetic (pathetic enough I think) and they’re dead cheap these days compared to more popular ranges. a bit like space pirates and other models of the sort (though that tends to change due to the attention they’re getting)

  3. I’m slowly working on building some small forces comprised (mostly) of RT miniatures. So far I’ve scratch-built a couple of dwellings and other bits of terrain (see the blog), but I’ve latterly decided to focus on getting my vintage fantasy stuff done first. Quite a stash of model you have there; I look forward to seeing what you do.

    • Been following your scifi exploits with increasing amounts of froth, Gareth. =) I have too much fantasy stuff to get “done” so I’m just switching over “for now”. Untill I need something painted for a game. Scifi will be my recreational painting choice.

      I’ve got a few trash-bash structures lingering in a state of half finished-ness. I’m looking at laser cut stuff from Sarissa and Pendraken though. Some nice stuff on offer.

  4. Yeah, I pretty much agree with all of this – except for Robby the Robot, he is fun in any context, he is even in an episode of Columbo ;) .

    • I agree Sean, but still – I don’t want the rocket ship 50s aestethics here. Except for comic relief, maybe. I’m not too fundamentalistic about anything really, so who knows what might show up.

      • Thats a cool mission statement and list of influences for the project. I approve heartily of most of it.

        I do think that there is plenty of room for 50s pulp aesthetic in a 40K setting, but whatever floats your boat: its a big universe after all. Thats sort of the point of the RT mindset to me really, to take what you want from whatever influences you want. It all fits in the 41st millennium.

        Robo-Hunter is pretty pulp though. He looks a lot like something from the Jetsons, as does his setting.

        I understand your issue with the squat bikers. I never liked that fat biker look, its not what I am after in my gaming at all. We wont discuss your Putin-esque dislike of Eldar who dont walk the straight and narrow though: I had enough of being called an Emo cat-lover after the Dark Elf discussion ;)

        Im off to prep my Robby model to hang out with my Tech-Priest.

        • I’m trading chaos marauders for harlequins with Vyper as we speak, so I suppose I’m turning into one of those sunset gazing, flower smelling, space-unicorn shagging types too. Do I get a badge?

          I agree, the RT setting is what you make of it really. I do reserve the right to exclude 50s robots as well as chaos terminators though. =) I like the 2000AD robot types and I guess they owe a lot to the 50s styling. I’m just more enamoured by the angular (and Anglian!) robot look.

  5. Thats not Robby the robot either, its B-9.

    Im sure that we all actually know that, but for the sake of our geek cred I thought that I would note it.

  6. Great stuff, thanks for sharing my blog :)

  7. This all looks very interesting. The Logan’s World sequence in the RT rule book has always fascinated me – love those Walkers the slavers ride round in.

    Can’t believe GW let that Wikipedia pic lie!

    • Oh, thanks for that tip – I hadn’t actually ever got that far in the RT book. =D I have had a post drafted up for months, will publish it this week I think. Just need a few more illustrations… Some of the Logan’s World stuff is brill for inspiration and illustrating what a VERY remote settlement might look like.

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