Nov 122013

I actually managed to finish painting the remaining five orcs last month, before the end of Orctober – alas I had no time to post about it on the blog. I still haven’t had time to take proper photos, but I figured I’d put these up for now and once I finish the last guy of the regiment (the musician, who is still in the stripping jar) I’ll come back with a full write up and detailed pictures.

So, with five new fresh recruits I’ve managed to paint 35 models, leaving 17 models and 6 weeks to go. I have a feeling I’ll have to whip out the snotlings soon. Or maybe some 15mm scifi. Wouldn’t that be something? Speaking of sci-fi, look what I found in my cupboards the other day.

The entirety of my science fiction miniature collection.

These are old Space Lords miniatures, by Josef Ochmann for Metal Magic/Hobby Products. Some of them are still in production by eM4 Miniatures, but I really wish more were available. I painted them up in single colours to use them as pawns in Frag many years ago. I’ve sold off the game, but kept the miniatures as I quite liked them. Seeing how I’m currently getting more and more interested in doing some retro scifi gaming I’ve decided to strip them and give them the love they deserve. How can they be shoe-horned into the Rogue Trader universe? Planetary defense force, with roughly the same properties as Imperial Guard? Rogue Trader security force? Let me know if you have any ideas.

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