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Happy halloween! For this joyous occasion I’ve prepared a healthy serving of five painted ghouls for your perusal. They were supposed to be used in a Stillburg scenario I had planned to play a few weeks ago – but we ended up getting rather inebriated instead of actually playing any games. Those things happen, I suppose.

I was in a bit of a rush to finish them, which actually doesn’t show except on the Talisman ghoul in the back (more on that later). I wanted them to look pale and tomb-dwelling, which I think I achieved. They were painted with Vallejo Pale Flesh over a white undercoat, then washed with purple and blue washes, highlighted up with layers of Pale Flesh and Skull White and then washed again. Did the eyes reddish, to add some contrast to the models.

These three are early 1990s ghouls by Gary Morley. The centre one seems to be from a later wave (he wasn’t in the 1993 catalogue), it bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the 3rd edition Blood Bowl ghouls also by Morley. It’s the only one in the 1994 catalogue that exhibits this trait, the others are more Max Schreck like. I actually enjoyed painting these a lot (as always with Morley sculpts, I’m definitely re-evaluating his work). I used to have quite a lot of these, but foolishly sold them off as 90’s tat.


Next, we have a Paul Muller sculpt from 2000. I like it, but not as much as the ones by Morley. I sold off quite a few of these too. Should have sold this and kept the other by Morley. Oh well. I’m sure I can stock up on Morley sculpts rather cheaply on eBay for a year or two more until the 90’s becomes fashionable again.


Finally, we have an old Aly Morrison sculpt for Talisman, released in 1986. I’m a bit disappointed in how poorly I painted it, but was in a rush to finish it. Now that I have, I wish I had just kept it back a while. Would’ve liked for the pants to be a different colour. Might redo them in green or something. It’s a bit bland as it is now.

That’s 30 painted so far this year (with 19 of those models finished this last month!) – I’m getting there, if ever so slowly! Now, for something completely different – our pumpkins for this year.

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  1. These look great and your pumpkins nearly make me wish we had halloween in France !
    Now I think someone voted purple for the skin of these ghouls, am I wrong?
    Anyway, it’s very nice to see models from different ranges blend so well together with a tied paintjob.
    Great work here !

    • Cheers Assless! =) There was someone who wanted them a little more purple, but it was no option on the poll. =)

      Yesterday I picked up the Garden of Morr set, so the ghouls will “soon” have a place to stay. =)

      • The Garden of Morr is a fantastic set. I assembled two of them in a couple of hours, under half the time that I expected it too. My sets didnt have any of the warping on the flat areas that I expected from that sort of kit. I took me about five times longer than that to assemble a Land Raider back in the day.

        Its going to look great on the outskirts of Stillburg.

        The Muller ghouls are particularly nice and the painting is as good as ever :)

  2. These are sweet!

    I painted old Morley’s ghouls for scavvy gang but I think I will repaint them.
    These old sculpts are simply too cool just to be painted once and put away.


    PS. Pumpkins are also sweet – I am cutting the very first one mine tonight =>

    • Thanks Piotr! I was worried the mottled effect on the skin (from using thin layers and washes) would make them look rushed but it turned out quite alright.

  3. They look great! I like the that Talisman figure quite a bit. I couldn’t decide what to do about ghouls for some time but wound up getting a lot of the Morley ones for dirt cheap and that seems to have settled it. I had a few Muller ones but have started converting those to plaguebearers with extra Heresy heads I got along with some Heresy plaguebearers. Normally Morley figures offend my sensibilities more than sculptos from just about any sculptor but these are ok. I might replace their bones with something a little toned down though, at least some of them.

    • Haha, yeah – the bones are a bit over the top. Then again, looking at the size of some of the critters populating the Warhammer world nowadays the bones are quite modest.

  4. Excellent stuff! I’ll be interested to see what you do with the Garden of Morr. One day I’ll revisit the dank streets of Mordheim and that’s one set I’d certainly pick up (along with Warlord Ruined Hamlet set). Nice pumpkins too (no, that’s not a euphemism)!

    • Cheers Fungy! I had seen, but forgotten about, the ruined hamlet set. Quite good value for money which can be rather fantasyfied with the right painting. =)

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