Apr 302013

Things have not been going my way hobby wise this year so far. For instance I have not posted a single newly painted miniature all year. In addition, it was over a month since my last post here. To remedy this, here’s almost half a Blood Bowl team. I’ll give more details on them once I’ve got the full team done.


They are bog standard 3rd edition Chaos models (sculpted by Gary Morley around 1992) apart from an added chaos warrior (Wormhowl Greyscar, sculpted by Mark Copplestone in 1988 or so) from the days of 2nd edition.


The inspiration for the team colours came from Harry’s take on them as can be seen here. I wanted something that would be quick to slap on and still look good. I decided to go with gold “bone” details, so the horns of both chaos warriors and beastmen are golden – as are the hooves of the beast men.


On the beastmen I tried out three different takes on skin. From left to right, they are VGC Pale Flesh washed with Gryphonne Sepia, GW Dwarf Flesh washed with Ogryn Flesh and finally GW Tallarn Flesh washed with Ogryn Flesh. I’ll try a few more variants to get a varied squad.

The biggest revelation I got when doing these up is that Gary Morley has a nice sense of humour or made a bit of a freudian slip when sculpting the beastmen.

Knobs… hurr hurr hurr


These bring my painted total for 2013 up to… 7. I won’t say how much I’ve bought this year – but considering Mega Miniatures are closing let’s just say I’m filling my cabinets with delicious old Metal Magic models before they’re spread in the wind. For some Conany reason I also did a little stocking up on barbarians from Forlorn Hope. Great value and service as always!

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  1. I thought that I had commented on these guys previously. Apparently not.

    They look great. I can only imagine that getting those guys from bare metal to ready-to-go nice and quickly must have been a relief after struggling over the Doom Forgers for so long. Ease of colour application is the most important criteria (criterion? I dunno) for me when choosing a colour scheme these days and metallics are probably the most forgiving of all. Not that you need it – those guys look great. The soft leather boots and gloves look cosy.

    The beastman flesh tones are very nice. Are they really just a base coat with a wash as described? They look more worked than that.

    Are the rest of the Golden Horns due any time soon?

    (on a separate note, is it possible for you to add some way for WordPress users to be notified when comments are responded to here? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks)

  2. Cheers Benedict! ;) It was quite satisfying to get them done reasonably fast. I’ve had four more beasts cooking over the last week or two. Nearly done with them, so expect a new post soon.

    Regarding the skin, I might have been a bit unclear. It was basecoat, wash, basecoat again and then a lighter shade of the basecoat as highlight… so fairly simple but not as simple as you originally thought. =)

    Four new shades of beast coming up.

    Regarding comments and notifications, and following and so forth – I’ve been (briefly) looking at various plugins for WP. I’ll have a more thorough look into it.

    • Looking at the beastman skin I figured that that was how you had done it. I just wanted to make sure in case you had some sort of secret formula.

      Dont stress about the plug-in: if you can manage something then thats great, but dont go to any trouble. I am used to having to go back and check any comments that I leave on Blogger sites anyway, although in my experience WordPress sites usually have a check box for setting alerts for replies.

      Im looking forward to seeing the rest of the team.

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