Feb 232013

I’ve had need for a few barricades for the next Stillburg scenario for quite some time now. Couldn’t decide on whether to make them myself from scrap, from some metal furniture and carts or to just buy ready made from one of the many resin scenery casters around.

Stumbled across some interesting stuff at Ainsty that would suffice, without being expensive or a serious model to paint. While looking at them, I decided I could probably do just as good myself with some twigs from the yard so I set to it.

Based on masonite, the logs are twigs of your regular garden variety. The supports are cocktail sticks with the pointy bits clipped off.


I ended up with five serviceable and useful little pieces, not very pretty or neat – but who will care in the long run? I now have some makeshift barricades to defend Stillburg with. It will be needed.

Urrr… fnarrr… huff… shuffle…


In other news, I’m actually painting some models for the first time in ages. I’ve posted a WIP thread over at the BLOOD-forums.

  4 Responses to “Little barricades”

  1. Great job – I found twigs very useful in building the sharpened log palisade for the Wood Elf garrison at Kachas Pass.

    Might have to pinch your idea for next time I need some defences.

    Ainsty does have some great stuff – I have been sorely tempted by the sewer stuff for a long time – both for dungeoneering and for my long forgotten project of replaying the Invasion (2nd Doctor and Unit V. the Cybermen).

    • Cheers mate! Agree, there’s some nice stuff over at Ainsty’s! I’m doing a variant on their other barricades too in a while. Thick, longer log on the ground and sharpened pallisades pointing outwards. More on that later. =)

  2. Cute stuff. Good work and generic enough to be serviceable for lots of different things :)

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