Dec 182012

This model is a Citadel Talisman pilgrim, sculpted by Aly Morrison. One of my (many) sub-collections is metal Talisman models. I painted him for the LPL in march this year and have posted a group shot with him before.

Tarandor – Human Pilgrim (45 pts)
Quality 4+, Combat 3. Cleric.
As a young boy, Tarandor set out on his pilgrimage for the shrine of Gadd. In all those years his faith never faltered. Not until he, as an old man, reached the ruins of the once splendid shrine. During his life-long travels the old gods have lost most of their followers and not many even remember Gadd. He now lives with the monks in the last remaining priory of Gadd, just outside of Stillburg.

Tarandor is yet another character whom can be enlisted in the heroes’ aid. To do so, they will have to rescue him from the following hairy situation:

Tarandor, praying for the wolves to be poor climbers.

  6 Responses to “Tarandor the pilgrim”

  1. Perhaps he’ll tumble Conan-Arnie style through a fissure in the rocks and find himself in the crypt of an ancient king. Crom! Great brush-work, old fellow.

    • Funny that you mention it… I actually read that Conan story just after the wolves were painted. =) Didn’t remember it being in the Conan movies. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nice palette choice on this guy. Fun pose too.

  3. O Lord Gadd, bless this thy faithful follower, that thou may’nst let thine enemies to eateth of him, in thy mercy. Yet might they feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats in my stead.

    May their lack of opposable thumbs, which thou hast withheld them in thy infinite wisdom, impede their progress upon thy mighty rock.

    And might my almighty Gadd send his righteous ire towards thy foe, who, being naughty in thy sight, shall snuff it…

    Sorry – got that out of my system! Another post I missed and lovely work in those muted tones.

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