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The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. In this scenario, it was the plans of my men… I’m sure I’ll post about mice plans going awry as well some day.

Pyramid Campaign – Scenario 2.
The last episode ended with Hawkins and his men gaining both pieces of the talisman. On their way to the ancient pyramid where king Sankar is buried, they’re ambushed by a band of troglodytes. What Hawkins doesn’t know is that the troglodytes have been employed by his surviving enemies from the last battle; miss Catherine and her warriors. If Hawkins can guide his party safely to the other side of the board and exit with the talisman still in his possession, they should be able to lose the troglodytes in the dense forests. Then it’s only a matter of a few days of travel until they reach the pyramid of Sankar.

Scenario specific rules: The defender (Fredrik, controlling the troglodytes) sets up the terrain and then positions his troglodytes anywhere within his half of the board, with atleast a medium distance space between any troglodytes. The attacker (me, controlling Hawkins warband) sets up with normal rules and have to exit with my leader (who is holding the talisman) on the other side of the board.

I decided I would try to go through the woods on my left flank, staying in cover of the center woods as long as possible. With the new addition of a minotaur warrior named Bull, I felt invincible. This turned out to be a poor assumption…

Llandau (elf rogue) and Tibor (human warrior) charged into the center woods, where they clashed with a kobold archer and a troglodyte bonecrusher. Just outside the woods stood a troglodyte brute and the troglodyte captain.

At the same time, Husk (half-orc hero) and Khwair (dwarf warrior) advanced between the two woods sections, where Husk ended up falling in a battle with a troglodyte barbarian near the left woods.

Bull had joined Tibor and Llandau in the center woods, but was very unlucky with his attack on the bonecrushed merely managing a push-back.

Fredrik managed to take out Husk with one of his two troglodyte brutes, while I still hadn’t managed to kill more than a lousy kobold archer.

I moved my guys out of the woods hoping to do some quick tag-team damage to a few of the stronger troglodytes.

Fredrik pushed me back though, and after a few turns Hawkins (my human leader) was locked in combat with a troglodyte barbarian (lethal to humans!) and a troglodyte brute. Luckily, I managed to take the brute down. Looking back at the pictures, I don’t understand why – but at this point I decided to make a dash for the objective instead of fighting and I ran off whith Hawkins and Tibor, who went out on the left flank and around the left woods section. I had no enemies between Hawkins and the table edge and really did think I could make it.

Unfortunately that was not the case. Fredrik had more luck with activations than I and soon Hawkins fell.

We continued to trade blows for a while, but my warband was soon wiped out and Fredriks troglodytes could return the talisman to miss Catherine. With a rested and refitted warband, she will be the one to approach the pyramid of Sankar in the next scenario.

My warband survived though – except for Bull, who was torn to pieces and feasted upon by the savage troglodytes. Who knows when they will show up again?

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