Aug 122012

I normally don’t do musing blurbs on what’s going on in the online realm of miniatures but the Reaper Kickstarter really needs a bit of plugging. Go support Reaper’s Bones Kickstarter – now! For $125 (or just $100 if you’re in the US) you get an ungodly amount of knobrot miniatures!

Look at all that un-lead!

Seriously. Even I, who don’t much like the style of Reaper models, am going to pledge. At this time, you get just over 100 models for your $100, and the amount is ever increasing. I’ve been following how things progress over the last few days and I’m getting damn excited. DAMN EXCITED I TELLS YOUS! Yes, in caps. I’m even telling my wife and friends (none of which could care less) about this. They nod, tilt their heads and say “mhm… Anyways…” – but I don’t care. I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. See? Pointer Sisters, damnit!

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  1. Ha! I regaled my wife with more information on progress of the Sedition Wars Kickstarter than any person who doesnt care should have to endure. Its ok though. Like celebrities in shampoo adverts, Im worth it.

    If a couple of those models were holding guns or wearing jetpacks then I would be all over that deal: its great. Doubtless there are plenty of bits and pieces in from it that will find a home in Stillburg, although Reaper stuff can be quite large in my experience, particularly in comparison with 80s Citadel.

  2. Check out the most recent addition to the stretch goals. Let me know if you’re interested in them, as I’m not and will have a set of the Chronoscope Bones spare if that goal is reached. I can also order extra sets at $11, if you want some for friends and family.

    I’m not sure much will be compatible with Stillburg as such, but I can definitely find a few warbands for SOBH and flog off the surplus.

    • Hey that could work out well in that case, thanks :) I am interested in making a deal for Chronoscope figures and those IMEF marines if you would like.

      I will get in touch with you again nearer the end of the Kickstarter, just in case some more sci-fi stuff is dug up

  3. This is a crazy deal and anyone into miniatures should pounce on the opportunity, I say! :) I’m at Vampire myself, so next year Christmas will come early for sure. If my math is correct, and it probably isn’t, we’re sitting at 127 miniatures for Vampire pledges!

    By the way, I’d just like to say I love your blog! I especially like your painting style, very old school. Glad to see I’m not the only one doing it still.


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