Jul 212012

But last week, that changed! I got three former Olley’s Armies models from Phantom Miniatures (a bit defunct, but email Francesco and he might have a few more models in stock); two rather large trolls and a huge frigging human ranger which towers over the old GW ogres I have. He’s going in the “for trade” bin.


The two trolls though, are intended for the chaos warband I’ve got planned for SOBH, with nothing but Bob Olley sculpts. They are big, but not too big. Handsome too! The left-most will be a troll giant (as he’s the same height as the largest old Metal Magic giants, which I have a few of). The other will be a giant troll. See the difference there. Eh?

These bring my total tally to 51 painted – 191 acquired = -140. Not counting the ranger above, and adding one to painted for the dwarf I painted for Adam.

The plastic WHFB dwarfs are coming along nicely, and I’ll post up a pic of all 16 painted soon.

  2 Responses to “Recently I have mostly been getting… nothing.”

  1. The guy on the left is a biggie, isn’t he? I’ve based, but still not painted mine and, yes, the ranger is freaking huge! That’s going to be one badass Chaos warband.

    • Yeah, the warband will indeed kick ass! I’m contemplating having Paul (v2, as seen on FUUK) paint it up for me, to actually have them done and playable any time soon. Haven’t sent anything out for commission this year and I think it’s a nice annual tradition to get some 20 or so minis painted up for you – to combat the swelling of Mt Plumbum.

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