Jul 102012

In my last post, I listed the miniatures that I want the most. This time, I’m listing the ones I “need” the most to fill gaps in the collection, and that I will indeed eventually get my hands on (save #1).

The list of stuff that I really really need and actually aim to get (except for Osrim)


#10. BDD1 Treasure Chest
Not much to say – it’s a chest, and apart from the cleric it’s the only part I miss from the BDD1 set. No doubt harder to come by than the cleric himself.

Pic from SoL

#9. Smiorgan Baldhead
This Eternal Champions chap have been on my radar for a long time. He’s not part of a systematic collection, but intended for a warband project. I really like it, it’s not unattainable and I would put it to good use straight away. That’s the reason it’s on this list and not the other one.

Pic from Mason’s thread at LAF


#8. Grograt Crunchskull
Blood Bowl troll star player sculpted by Bob Olley. Another one I used to own but stupidly sold off in a fit of downsizing. For my Dungeon Bowl teams.

Pic from White Dwarf


 #7. Morg’n’throg
Ogre star player, also by Olley. Also had this once upon a time. Yeah, you know the story by now. Dumb…

Pic from White Dwarf


#6. Bugman’s champion
This peglegged little freak is apparently quite rare and often goes for stupid money ™ on eBay. I would very much like one, to complete my RR1.

Pic from SoL

 #5. Owd Rodger (aka Thug with dagger #2) and/or Nob
For my Felix & Gotrek goes 3rd edition minis project. He’d be part of the sewer jack team our heroes join. Great figs, really!

Pic from SoL

#4. Harboth’s Musician
The only model missing from the old pre-slotta Harboth’s. If you have one, please have a heart and sell him to me. The rest of the regiment are based and primed just waiting for this chap to join before painting.

Pic from SoL

#3. Mayor Leofwine
The good Mayor from the Orc’s Drift scenario isn’t even scenario specific but is still rare as hen’s teeth. From the very first line of slotta figs, I assume many have succumbed to rot what with the metal quality being rather dodgy and all.

Pic from CCM


#2. Guthrum Mane (aka Giant Hilltroll)
Big nasty troll, also from Orc’s Drift – but not scenario specific. Doesn’t seem to be very rare, but I always miss out while everybody around me seem to get these on bargains. Not fair!

Pic from Tea’s Getting Cold


#1. Osrim Chardz, again…
Yeah, he made #1 on this list too. Bastard.

Pic from CCM


I do have some honorable mentions for this list too, that didn’t quite make it because they’re either too dull for a list or I couldn’t decide on what to drop in their place.

* Original Bugman’s musician – I can view my regiment as complete without this chap and have actually passed on buying one, but if I would get one I would feel quite warm and fuzzy inside knowing the gang is one step closer to completion.

* Mudat’s half orc maniacs command – I only have the standard bearer (and lots of troopers), I really want these but not enough to dedicate three slots on the list for them.

* The BDD1 cleric – Would definitely get one if I came across it, but for some reason I don’t really feel like I care much. The chest listed above seems more important. Odd…

* Grom’s original musician (pre-slotta) and champion (pre-slotta RR but slotta model, weird huh?) – These would actually be really, really nice. They should’ve been on the list, but I couldn’t decide on what NOT to put on the list if they went on it.

  3 Responses to “That there wishlist… pt 2”

  1. Great list – I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a Guthrum for you, as you say they aren’t massively uncommon.

    I have a preslotta Elf adventurer hero who is practically the same sculpt as the good Mayor – even bought it thinking it was him! Maybe with a greenstuff tache I might be getting close…

    Bob Olley Bloodbowl stuff is cool – what were you thinking?! Not as bad as selling off a Nurgle palanquin though… (face-palm!)

  2. I know which elf you mean, it’s very similar!

    Regarding my sale of BB stuff; I used to have a massive Blood Bowl collection. I had pretty much all the 3rd edition teams covered with 3rd edition models. I also had a huge collection of 2nd edition models for pact teams. Enough models to cover two teams for each pact, with all possible positional choices. Around 2007 I decided Blood Bowl was out of fashion and flogged a great deal of it, keeping only a few teams (3rd edt chaos, 2nd edt humans with a chaos flavour, 3rd edt plastic orcs, 2nd edition elves, 2nd edition dwarves and any painted or damaged models). Stupid, stupid, stupid. =)

  3. I won a pre-release set of Necromunda Redemptionists by submitting my clunky but passable Grograt Crunchskull in a painting competition in 96 or so :)

    I sold them a couple of years later and now I want them back :(

    Like the troll in the previous list I *might* have a second Morg. I will have a root around in my BB stuff on Sunday and let you know what I have and maybe we can make a deal of some sort if I have some.

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