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Yeah, what the hell – Fantasy Battle?! I honestly can’t say what happened – but I picked up WHFB3 a few years ago and read the rules a month ago or so. It got me thinking that I ought to try it sometime. My basing standard doesn’t lend itself well to WHFB, so I started thinking about how I could arrange some cheap forces without too much hassle. I remembered the old 90s plastic single piece clone casts that are quite dull, but if painted properly can look good enough. I have 16 of the dwarfs, I’ve tried to sell them on many occasions but never succeeded. How fortunate! I’ve painted these as fast as possible, which in my case means black primer, base coats (with as few colours as possible) and then completely covered with washes. I then highlight using the base colour, and occasionally a lighter shade of the base colour. I’ll try switching up the base colours between my batches of five, the next five will have another blue for the tunic, and another brown for the boots and shoulderthingamajig.

Attack of the clones!

Here’s a pic of 6 of them. 10 more to go, and I have a unit. If I can (sloooowly, I’ve learned my lessons) gather some more dwarfness I should have about 1000 pts painted up “in no time”. 1000 points don’t make an army, but with 1000 pts worth of dwarfs, 1000 pts worth of men and 1000 pts worth of elves I ought to have enough to make one “good” army. I’ll do the same for orcs, goblins, chaos, skaven and so forth.

There are many sources of this type of models. Here are the few I’ve identified:
Dwarf handweapon – Advanced HeroQuest (hero, champion or similar)
Dwarf twohanded weapon – HeroQuest (another hero or somesuch)
Dwarf handweapon and shield – 90’s plastic warriors boxed sets
Dwarf handweapon and shield – Psychostyrene
Dwarf handweapon and shield – Warhammer Regiments
Dwarf handweapon – Talisman 3rd edition
Dwarf dragon slayer – Talisman 3rd edition, City

I’ll round that out with some of EM4’s quite genious plastic dwarfs from the old Fantasy Warriors boxed set, as they have crossbows and only cost a few pence each.

Finally, I’ve got a WIP pic of a dwarf I’m painting for Adam/thebinmann from LAF. I usually don’t post WIPs like this, but wanted to share the progress with Adam.

Basecoat and shading, but no highlights yet.

Edit: Forgot to update my tally for 2012! With these 6 chaps painted, I’m now at 50 painted – 189 acquired = -140. It’s getting better. Slowly. =) Nothing new for quite some time now, but then again I haven’t painted much either. I’ll try to concentrate on smaller things for a while when I’m done with the dwarfs. Might help me bolster the numbers a bit. Got three models incoming, but more on that when they get here.

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  1. I see that the WHFB3 has bitten you too, Phreedh! Excellent work on those dwarves and I look forward to seeing this army grow (which will necessitate regular update, okay?)!

    • Yeah, I can’t promise any regular updates. Don’t have that in me. =) Also, before I get going with this project I have a few to mop up and/or to get started. I need to finish painting the Stillburg stuff (mostly undead, shouldn’t take too long). I also need to finish two Dungeon Bowl teams. This is most definitely a side project of mammoth proportions. =) I’ve got a half year review to post up soon.

  2. Continuing my series of “Oh, I have some of those in storage somewhere” responses, I have a load of those EM4 plastic dwarfs that you are welcome to for free if you want them. I would rather give them to you then watch you buying more while mine sit never to be painted.

    A half year review is a good idea. Im going to steal it.


    • Wow, that’s very kind of you Paul! How about this… I take the dwarfs off your hands and in return, you send me the BB trolls and ogres as well. ;)

      On a more serious note – I’ll gladly take the dwarfs! I’ll sort out what BB stuff I want (in addition to the trolls and ogres). Who knows, you might have more 2nd edition stuff knocking about that I’m looking for. I’m almost all set with the Dungeon Bowl teams but there are some stuff that I need to complete the collection of teams. I’ll get back to you this evening.

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