Apr 192012

When checking out ilikepaintinglead I saw a great and awesome thing! Coop over at FightingFantasist have issued a challenge; create your own retro gaming fanzine cover based on your blog. The title of the fanzine should be your blog’s name, and the cover stories must be your five most recent posts. Here’s a version of my blog as an 80s fanzine!

Hot off the press, the inaugural issue!

The cover image is rather anachronistic, as it’s a plastic D&D prepaint Zombie Hulk retrofied a bit in Photoshop. All part of the fun, eh? I think it looks the part. The title font really reminds me of my earliest DTP days, where I borrowed my school’s one and only mac to cobble together rather hokey looking fliers and posters for whatever hijinx and shenanigans I was up to at the time. Ah, the days of Aldus Pagemaker!

Did a few more actually, printed on different coloured paper.

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  1. Nice – I’ve been pondering doing one of these myself…

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