Apr 042012

Here’s my entry from round 4 in the LPL at LAF. The team itself is the group of five zombies in the center. The rest are just dressing.

Stillburg overrun!

Took some tinkering before I got a picture I was satisfied with but I think it paid off in the long run. Most of our old mates from Stillburg are in it, and all the zombies I’ve painted to date (23 counting the big fellow). Unfortunately, I was facing one of my oldschool Citadel buddies Pil and he was also doing some undead. I wasn’t sure where this would go, as I thought his photo was really good. I did manage to score a rather solid win though. Too bad it was at a mate’s expense.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm zombie..."

Here’s the photo I used for the inset close ups on my entry. Thought it was rather nice, but my wife insisted I should go with the other – and I suppose she was right. Anyways, from left to right we have the following: A plastic zombie from my old Hero Quest set, a C18 zombie by Kev Adams that I’ve “repaired” (his ankles were almost snapped off) with an excessive amount of greenstuff (he’s now wearing flared trousers), a repainted plastic Zombie Hulk from Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Miniatures range (Savage Encounters set), another C18 zombie with a head swap (second time I got this mini for free from Paul/cheetor/Sho3box) and finally another of the plastic Hero Quest zombies (only two in the box, so I can check that off).

I’m pleased with how they turned out, even if it was a bit of a rush to get them done in time for the deadline. It’s actually the worst aspect of the LPL; you might have to rush through miniatures you’ve been longing to paint for a long time. On the other hand, you get things bloody done! I’ve painted about 40 miniatures so far this year. It’s currently week 14, so I’m quite ahead of schedule to reach my goal of one miniature per week. Yay me, huzzah and so forth.

  4 Responses to “Last zombies for quite some time…”

  1. Great work – especially on the big guy. It was a tough decision between you and Pil I must say!

    Hadn’t noticed the flares :)

    • Cheers mate, and glad to have you around here commenting again! =) Yup, I really liked the mood in Pil’s entry! For the next round in the LPL I hope to have a new team finished but I sort of doubt I’ll make it. I’m painting up the old screaming skull catapult + crew.

  2. Congrats on another win. Sorry to disagree with your wife, but I prefer the unused photo (not that it matters now anyway).

    While it is something of a bummer to be drawn against a mate, its sort of fun too. If I ever get a dose of temporary insanity and decide to commit to the mammoth task that is the LPL, I would very much hope to be drawn against people I have some sort of relationship with (like yourself), just for fun.

    The LPL is halfway through now, well done for each new entry so far. I have noticed a duplicate entry or two from unexpected sources creeping in in round five as attrition and fatigue take their toll. Quite apart from the impressive number of figures that you have painted so far this year it must be satisfying to have tackled the LPL deadlines so comprehensively this time around (so far at least).

    Do you reckon that burnout will happen afterwards? Will Phreedhs Miniature Stuff be a ghost town for a few months post LPL? Is it still too early to say?

    I dont follow the leaderboard, but you must be doing pretty well at this stage The pairing system seems to be seeded in some way, causing big-hitters to pair off while you keep picking up wins.

    • Agree that it’s more fun to square off against people you know. I have no clue who it is I’m facing in this round of the LPL. Never seen his stuff before and never talked to him, so it’s less personal.

      I am indeed doing surprisingly well. I’m in tenth place since round 4. Might improve after round 5 too, but I think it’ll be downhill after that. I’m actually struggling with the deadline for rounds 6 and 7. I’m sure I’ll be able to complete one team for round 10, most likely two teams. Also, building a little something for that round. I’m doing a quickie team right now, might use it in round 6 if I’m able to complete it in time. Most likely, I’ll have it done for round 7. Leaves 6, 8 and 9 open for replacement teams. Seems you jinxed my good run there. =)

      Burnout? Don’t think so – I’m itching to paint a gazillion of things in my stash and find the LPL a bit in the way of my inspiration. That’s probably a good thing as I’m forced to focus and finish what I’m painting. I’m more worried about work, family life and garden work taking up all my time. I’ve got some old stuff tucked away for that though, and I also have some battle reports to finish up. Actually, I have some old photos of my rather shoddily painted old 40K stuff. I’m sure you’ll approve of that.

      The pairing system is supposed to be random, but each round there are too many “perfect pairings” on theme and/or skill level that I’m sure it’s doctored. As long as I’m paired against equals I’m happy. I haven’t heard anything about top tier pairings for the final rounds but we had that last year. Let’s hope I’m out of the top 10 by then, or I’d be dead meat!

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