Mar 302012

This week I got some Buccaneer Orcs from Black Hat Miniatures and a couple of pre-slotta Citadel pirates. Consider me timbers well and truly shivered, Jim laddie.


It’s quite obvious what I’m going for with this week’s acquisitions. I’m stocking up for my round 10 entry in the LPL; the maritime bonus round! Not exactly sure how I’ll do it though, I’ve got three teams for the round but only need two. The original thought was to do Marauder Sea Elves vs Black Hat Buccaneer Orcs. When I discovered the pirate section of the old C04 Thieves range, I couldn’t help myself but get a few of them too. I’ll try to finish one of them to enter in round 9 and possibly create some sort of trans-round narrative. Got two more of the C04 rogues incoming (including the captain chap) and to back them up is an orc with a hook for a hand and a nice piratey axe.

I’ve finished the secondary team for round 5, more or less. I’ll continue working on them up until the bitter end – deadline is tomorrow at noon. I could submit them as they are now though, but wouldn’t be happy with them. Total tally for 2012 is now 39 painted – 116 acquired = -77.

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