Mar 252012

Round 3 of the LPL is over and I managed to score a win this time. I was up against Matakishi so I didn’t feel too confident to begin with, but the last few days I’ve been quietly celebrating. Paul had a great entry with a gang of aliens inspecting a herd of cows. My entry consists of some of the last few miniatures needed for the next scenario in the Stillburg campaign!

At the front is an old Necromancer from the Talisman range (sculpted by Aly Morrison). He’s supported by four zombie buddies that are a bit more modern than the models I usually paint. They are Gary Morley sculpts from 1993, and prior to painting them they were my least favourite models in the lead pile. I’m actually using these merely because I couldn’t get my hands on any more C18 zombies. Still, with some paint on they’re quite ok and if nothing else they were dead easy to paint! The three guys with the shields will act as zombie lieutenants (and the two I did prior to these are demoted to regular zombies).

Since I didn’t get any new lead this week either, I’m including this week’s tally here. I’m done with the first team for round 5, and also managed to finish a team of five models for round 4 thus saving me from using a replacement team! That’s 7 miniatures finished in a week (of which 5 were merely primed at the start of the week). Total tally for 2012 is now 34 painted – 109 acquired = -75. The numbers will soon crash again, as I have a few incoming models for round 10 and ofcourse managed to get a few extra “nice to have” minis.

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  1. Going up against a luminary like Matakishi is daunting, but (by his own admission in many places) he is not the top of the painting totem pole. Neat and effective painting that is worthy of any gaming table for sure, but his real strengths seem to lie in his miniatures project management. The guy is a machine and his website is an inspiration.

    Congrats on your win. Another nice set of Stillburgians. The population of that place is booming at the moment (assuming that living impaired count on the census).

    • Thanks mate! Seems like I have one more win pending, with the ongoing round going in my favour.

      I’m actually nearing completion on the planned scenarios for Stillburg. I have about 15 more undead fellows to paint up and after that I’m more or less done with Stillburg as far as painting goes. That thought is quite liberating. =) Before finishing Stillburg I’m going to finish the Doom Forgers team and one other team. Probably the Grim Reapers (Skaven, Goblin and Minotaurs).

      Before the next session (scheduled for next week or the week after that) I need to finish a few barricades to a playable standard and also finish up a few painted but not properly based villagers.

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